Friday, August 10, 2012

Bourne Legacy / AW release and more

Today after the weekly promotional meeting at work I decided to check out the new Beach cinema on Laskin Road ( same location as the Surf and Sand theater) in Virginia Beach. Conceptually the place had improved on some things that occur at the Cinema and Drafthouse , but have failed in other ways. Beach Movie Bistro wants to be the high end movie going experience, having such fare as crab cakes and hustling the waitstaff out of the theater before the movie starts. I like the notion of nothing but film during the movie, but the over-priced food was middling at best- okay maybe buffalo chicken fries was not the best first choice- but it was what I was curious about, I could not finish the item nor did I want to. Also since it was a spur of the moment decision to attend I was by myself.- I ended up shoe-horned between 2 older couples ( the man next to me had a reminder to buy Viagra today on his phone) and the lady to my right would not STFU. Since the BMB wants to offer dinner and a movie they have tables in between every 2 seats-but the tables are not big enough if you order and the person next to you orders. Mr Viagra had a plate of onion rings in his lap and sliders on half of the table while I had my BBQ fries and drink on the other half- and it was a happy accident nothing fell. Cinema and Drafthouse have a better layout,better prices but have waitstaff coming through the theater during the movie. Overall BMB is not an option I would seek out for first run movies due to the seating arrangements- although I guess it would be better for a couple that have disposable income versus one person stuck between 2 couples

I saw the Bourne Legacy since the whole escapade occurred on a whim. It was not my first choice but the only movie playing in the window between split shifts. I enjoyed the movie,  it felt like a modern day enhanced version of DOA, except our hero is trying to stay enhanced (drugged up) to stay smart. he was enhanced by a super-secret program that is about to be mothballed because of a rouge agent (Jason Bourne) and is now a target instead of an asset. I admit I had not been fond of the Bourne triology- but liked this movie because Jeremy Renner was compelling and did a good job as the hero. The action sequences were filled with tons of baloney stunts but Renner was a protagonist that garnered sympathy while kicking ass. If you need a good diversion packed with energy and a decent plot Bourne Legacy did a good job of keeping my interest. I was annoyed by Edward Norton- not the actor but the character of the person in authority who yells big words at phones and computers and support staff because his mission is just that damned important.  C+

WWE released manager AW today after his remarks about one of his charges being Unstoppable like Kobe Bryant in a Colorado hotel room.

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