Thursday, September 13, 2012

OBX getaway /Lawler update and Lawless review

Spent parts of 3 days in the Outer Banks - got to drive around Duck and sit in line to take a ferry(we actually never got on the ferry- just watched some girl adjust her swimsuit bottom for a bit and watch dogs deposit their previous meals) - after waiting an hour or so we turned around and drove back thru Rodanthe and Pea Island . The major accomplishment of the journey was our friend Al taking lead on cleaning the car- it is a whole new vehicle.

Since he was dedicated to watching Monday night football - we decided to go to the cinema - we took in Lawless 

Lawless was set in Franklin County,Virginia. I grew up in Franklin County. Franklin County has forever been known as the moonshine capital of the world. Hell we even had inactive stills on our property in Ferrum. This story follows 3 brothers and their fights with other bootleggers and the law(corrupt men with their hands out) during the prohibition era. This is a violent movie about a violent time, 2 romances are thrown into the mix- but really this is about the menfolk proving their machismo or whatnot. Although this movie namedrops Burnt Chimney and uses the Rocky Mount hotel as a major set- it was filmed in Georgia. I did not love this movie nor would I want to watch it again- although I would rent a DVD if it had a historical documentary about Moonshine. This is not a prequel to Thunder Road nor essential viewing.  C+

I will be DJing tonight with DJ Luke Shay - here is his own tune for free download on soundcloud- check it out .

IN Wrestling News and tidbits

One of the more shocking moments of the trip was provided by the vicarious nothing of WWE Raw when longtime announcer Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack during the broadcast. He is recovering and according to tweets and facebook posts from family members and friends is recovering and he did not suffer brain damage according to the same source material. A great documentary worth checking out is Memphis Heat - it covers Lawler and many others in the Memphis area during the 60's thru the 80s. Memphis Heat was my fave wrestling DVD or 2011.

picture of Lawler from July 25 from Harbor Park in Norfolk, VA by Jobber Joe

For updates on Australian Wrestling and more including DVD reviews and interviews -check out Wrestle Hustle.

Although Kiebler /Clooney was trending - publicists for both celebrities indicate they are still a couple.

Frank Eudy the son of former WWF/WCW champion Sid was evicted from the Big Brother house after being on the block 5 times during the summer.

Fans of Lucha Libre there are 2 lucha documentaries coming out soon - one Tales of Masked Men will be on PBS on Sept 28. To learn more - click this link to read the article about both films.. Author of Mondo Lucha A Go_Go and former WWE writer Dan Madigan is involved with both projects.

If You in the tri-state area or near PA you should try and make it to the King Of Trios tournament this weekend Sept 14-16. This Chikara event looks like it will be fun.Click for more details

New England Championship Wrestling will be in Blackstone, MA, Friday,September 14 - click to learn more details .

Curious about Lucha and wrestling from Japan and elsewhere in the world - IVP Video provides an affordable passport into the international grappling scene- click for more information.

Above is the first part of this week's WWE NXT program

Click to listen or download the most recent edition of Roundtable Wrestling Radio from Monday and Tuesday of this week.

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