Sunday, September 23, 2012

O's , Skins, Dance and New to me Songs

How will the Redskins bounce back after loosing a close game last week due to a player throwing the football at the other team when the team when in FG range? I don't know but that is what I will be watching, with my attention also being taken by the Orioles, the most magic summer in years, to me it feels like 1979- well except for my knees and that now I don't fantasize about playing for either the Skins or Orioles since. It is great watching games go into extra innings and the Orioles finding the right combination to win the games either on the road or at home.

Yesterday I attended my first Dance competition at Peabody's in Virginia Beach,Va and it was an amazing show put together and hosted by Guerilla Will.

Last night was a great reminder of how much fun it can be in the entertainment business. I can't wait for the October 8th show with Flosstradamus

 Also it has been fun finding several new to me songs to play for DJing.
Trap or um trapish - I am still learning- but these 3 songs are getting replayed everytime they come up on my iPod.
"Chill" by Trapzillas -click to listen 
"Bubble Gun"- Apashe & SNAILS - click to listen
"Baptism"-Crystal Castles Sound Remedy Remix - click to listen

Alternative Rap or something- whatever don't let my words discourage you from sampling this hypnotic blend of beat and verse
"Candles" - Jez Dior click to listen
Pure Pop or pop, dubstep and some hip hop or whatever- a good uptempo blend
"A Night Out"- Martin Volveig featuring Ludacris A Trak & Clinton Sparks remix- click to listen


So many good tunes out there I have yet to really digest the new maps on Call of Duty

Oh I also started a Sound Cloud page - uploaded some miserable attempts at mashups along with some fun sound bites - Click to visit

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