Monday, October 08, 2012

Cornette in/ Delirious Out + wrestling links and more

Jim Cornette has been replaced by Delirious on the creative/booking team for the embattled ROH promotion today according to Bryan Alvarez and Mike Mooneyham.

Fans of WWE grappler- the day is here - the new CM Punk DVD is out and available for purchase.

Tonight Vince McMahon will be on Raw for a state of the industry speech. Pipebombs or pipedreams? Either way I will not be watching live. Go Orioles. Last week Raw had the lowest ratings for a non-holiday episode in 15 years- last week included no John Cena ( who tweeted he will be there). Also Arnold Schwarzeneggar will be the social ambassador for the show on Twitter. The governator has been the talk of entertainment media as he admits to sleeping with Brigette Nielson during the filming of Red Sonya while courting Maria Shriver.

If you have the biography channel- this Saturday morning the channel will be showing old biographies ( Rock, Hogan) and their excellent History of Wrestling special.

Mike Mooneyham's most recent column about the TNA tag team Kaz and Christopher Daniels is worth reading - check it out. He is worth following on Twitter- if you want more than rumor and gossip for wrestling news.

Greg Oliver column on Ten Pounds of Gold - new book covering the legacy of the NWA title.

Picture from GXW July 3 2011 by Jobber Joe

Old School Wrestling Podcast takes on World of Sport- click to listen

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