Monday, October 08, 2012

Looper + Flosstradamus & DJ SLiink Tonight in Virginia Beach


The latest film from Rian Johnson - this sci-fi noir dwells in the land of inevitable tragedy. The main character is a hitman- he stands in a field and waits for his prey to appear from the future- he then ends their lifecycle with with a Blunderbuss. Joseph Gordon Levitt is our anti-hero du jour , he kills, he does drugs , he beds hookers and he is about to meet himself.

I was not in love with the film, but I was engaged from start to finish. If you like film noir and time travel this film is worth checking out.  B

Tonight Flosstradamus with DJ Sliink and DJ Luke Shay will be at Peabody's in Virginia Beach. OCTOBER 8-Monday-

Fans of Flosstradamus they have dropped a new EP for free download -click to listen

and DJ SLiink has released his own take on "Original Don"- click to listen

Luke Shay just released a new cut "300" using sounds and samples from the popular movie 300 on SoundCloud - - click to listen

My favorite video and song of the week -

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