Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Films of Fury

Films of Fury - an 80 minute overview of Kung fu movies. Using an animated framing device this collection of classic Kung Fu footage showcases scenes from some of the best kung fu movies of all time.  Briefly covering Bruce Lee , Jackie Chan and many others this feels like a cliff's notes version of a book (and this is based on a book). Overall this was lacking and I felt like I paid too much for the DVD (and I only paid 5 dollars). Although it is chock full of great moments from fight scenes the information felt too sparse and all over the map to really warrant watching this more than once.  C-

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A World without Twinkees is not as bad as a world without T-Dog

Last week we had IronE Singleton who portrayed T-Dog on the popular TV show the Walking Dead in the club- he was a superb visiting celebrity as he entertained the crowd and then took time to take pictures and shake hands with everyone that asked ( and the line was long)..

Me and  T-Dog

This week we had a tribute to Twinkees - yeah Twinkees may be a part of our pop culture past due to labor  issues and financial mishandling of the iconic bakery.

Yeah I work at Peabody's in Virginia Beach - a mixture of  massive beats per minute and pop culture. You can usually find me there early Thursday,Friday and Saturday spinning a huge variety of tunes before the featured DJ hits the stage.



The Soup will air a half hour wrestling (WWE) tribute(roast) show on Wednesday Nov 21,2012 on E!. Check local listings.

I finally got the WWE DVD n.W.o. Revolution - well worth checking out for fans of WWE and the New World Order. Sure they still gloss over the Wolfpack ( at that time it was a fun faction)- but this is a superior effort after the half hazard effort of Black in Black. This may be my favorite WCW themed DVD from WWE.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012 Solo Sunny / Bloodstained Memoirs/12th Planet

A long and fun Halloween is in the books- ok the first half of the day was a double-drag- but I will receive a paycheck for vanquishing the unflushable turd- omg- it was a beast-

came home and ate a quick dinner - half a WaWa sub with the wife while we watched a 1979 East German movie about a pop singer struggling with her craft, relationships and neighbors in the interesting Solo Sunny. A character study about a sassy gal who wants to be loved and respected but usually ends up being chased by the men she does not cherish and ignored by the crowd. I love the weird jazz and revolution funk of the cabaret band and the band she tries to join near the end of the movie.  This slice of life movie captures a time that does not exist with lovely cinematography and interesting on-location shots of the countryside- worth a Netflix slot if you can tolerate sub-titles. B+ 

Yesterday I picked up the revamped Brock Lesnar DVD from WWE and WWE 13. I have not had time to properly watch or play either one as I was more interested in watching Bloodstained Memoirs.
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Bloodstained Memoirs has been in production since 2005 and I first heard of the wrestling documentary when I friended their MySpace page during the Bush administration. Actually this is less of a documentary than a series of shoot type interviews with some of the most respected grapplers of the last 30+ years including Roddy Piper , Ultimo Dragon , Great Muta  and several others. The set is hosted by Al Snow. It is an imperfect set marred by a Chris Jericho interview that seemed overly focused on Fozzy- I could tell it was filmed at a Fozzy show- but this is a wrestling doc for a wrestling audience- and I know that Jericho can be more forthright and entertaining- his 2 auto-biographies are 2 of my wrestling books. The Mick Foley segment was simply Foley signing autographs at a book-store. Maybe the notion was to show grapplers in other settings but both were disappointing since I know both love the industry and could offer more than what was given. Since this was a special edition DVD there are some extra interviews added and a bonus match featuring Mick Foley taking on Jimmy Snuka. Maybe I had too high expectations since I have anticipated the release of the movie on DVD for years. This is a good supplemental DVD for any wrestling library but nothing I would deem essential B-

I saw 12th Planet and Luke Shay at Peabody's in Virginia Beach and both tore it down - now I need to try and get some sleep before another double tomorrow....