Saturday, November 17, 2012

A World without Twinkees is not as bad as a world without T-Dog

Last week we had IronE Singleton who portrayed T-Dog on the popular TV show the Walking Dead in the club- he was a superb visiting celebrity as he entertained the crowd and then took time to take pictures and shake hands with everyone that asked ( and the line was long)..

Me and  T-Dog

This week we had a tribute to Twinkees - yeah Twinkees may be a part of our pop culture past due to labor  issues and financial mishandling of the iconic bakery.

Yeah I work at Peabody's in Virginia Beach - a mixture of  massive beats per minute and pop culture. You can usually find me there early Thursday,Friday and Saturday spinning a huge variety of tunes before the featured DJ hits the stage.



The Soup will air a half hour wrestling (WWE) tribute(roast) show on Wednesday Nov 21,2012 on E!. Check local listings.

I finally got the WWE DVD n.W.o. Revolution - well worth checking out for fans of WWE and the New World Order. Sure they still gloss over the Wolfpack ( at that time it was a fun faction)- but this is a superior effort after the half hazard effort of Black in Black. This may be my favorite WCW themed DVD from WWE.

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