Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012 Solo Sunny / Bloodstained Memoirs/12th Planet

A long and fun Halloween is in the books- ok the first half of the day was a double-drag- but I will receive a paycheck for vanquishing the unflushable turd- omg- it was a beast-

came home and ate a quick dinner - half a WaWa sub with the wife while we watched a 1979 East German movie about a pop singer struggling with her craft, relationships and neighbors in the interesting Solo Sunny. A character study about a sassy gal who wants to be loved and respected but usually ends up being chased by the men she does not cherish and ignored by the crowd. I love the weird jazz and revolution funk of the cabaret band and the band she tries to join near the end of the movie.  This slice of life movie captures a time that does not exist with lovely cinematography and interesting on-location shots of the countryside- worth a Netflix slot if you can tolerate sub-titles. B+ 

Yesterday I picked up the revamped Brock Lesnar DVD from WWE and WWE 13. I have not had time to properly watch or play either one as I was more interested in watching Bloodstained Memoirs.
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Bloodstained Memoirs has been in production since 2005 and I first heard of the wrestling documentary when I friended their MySpace page during the Bush administration. Actually this is less of a documentary than a series of shoot type interviews with some of the most respected grapplers of the last 30+ years including Roddy Piper , Ultimo Dragon , Great Muta  and several others. The set is hosted by Al Snow. It is an imperfect set marred by a Chris Jericho interview that seemed overly focused on Fozzy- I could tell it was filmed at a Fozzy show- but this is a wrestling doc for a wrestling audience- and I know that Jericho can be more forthright and entertaining- his 2 auto-biographies are 2 of my wrestling books. The Mick Foley segment was simply Foley signing autographs at a book-store. Maybe the notion was to show grapplers in other settings but both were disappointing since I know both love the industry and could offer more than what was given. Since this was a special edition DVD there are some extra interviews added and a bonus match featuring Mick Foley taking on Jimmy Snuka. Maybe I had too high expectations since I have anticipated the release of the movie on DVD for years. This is a good supplemental DVD for any wrestling library but nothing I would deem essential B-

I saw 12th Planet and Luke Shay at Peabody's in Virginia Beach and both tore it down - now I need to try and get some sleep before another double tomorrow....

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