Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Avon Barksdale Story / Sex and the City 2 / MST3K:

Wood Harris meets the real Avon Barksdale in this sub-extra about the extraordinary HBO show The Wire. Utilizing horrific re-enactments and substandard generic rap this attempt at shedding more light on the drug deals and brutal streets of Baltimore falls flat. This stand alone DVD contains no extras and is not worth investing time or money in.  D-

Sex and The City 2

Speaking of horrific takes on HBO shows after thier run on the cable network, this movie follows Carrie Bradshaw and her friends as they descend into Mid-Life crisis. Miranda quit her job , Charlotte is concerned that her hubby is interested in her perky braless nanny, Samantha is trying to use chemicals to halt her aging process and Big decides he wants to explore a 2 day Carrie vacation each week instead of contructing a man-cave. Oh yeah and they go to Dubai. Somehow one of the funniest and wittiest shows of the past decade is now a movie franchise chock full of cliches and horrible puns that would make Chris Berman blush. This movie is only for poor saps like me that enjoyed the show and feel the completist urge to watch the entire run of the show- worse than After- M*A*S*H this was saved by the fashion disasters of Carrie and Samantha. I thought the first movie betrayed the strong and unique characters from the show, this amplifies that crime. Funny stuff includes a killer line by Charlotte- deep into the second act and a brief  cameo by Ron White. Overall the first part of the movie is miserable, but the second half is tolerable, seriously not the best representation of the series.  C-

MST3K: Kitten with a Whip
Ann Margaret is run away delinquent who happens to run into the home of an aspiring politico. John Forsythe is held hostage by Margaret and her poly-sci buddies, This 60's black and white is a cult classic because of the over-acting by Ann Margaret ( I would guess).
Either way this exercise in frivolity is saved by the commentary comedy stylings of the MST3K crew led by Michael J Nelson. The DVD has an introduction by Nelson who seems to be warning the viewing audience that this is a subpar effort- but I enjoyed it.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Game Plan

The Rock plays an egotistical star QB who has yet to win the big one. His life takes a sudden and sickingly sweet turn when his daughter from a failed marriage randomly shows up on his doorstep. Of course his daughter shows up during his team's playoff run. This is so sacchrine I am about to go into a sugar coma. On the upside the lovely Rocelyn Sanchez is the ballet instructor for his long lost daughter.

This feel-good movie made me feel bad for wasting time with it. Was it terrible no and Dwayne Johnson did a good job in his role- but this middling cliche filled family film is aimed directly at somebody else.  This fartwarming exercise in tearjerking pulls at the heart served it's investors well. Probably not for everyone but this family friendly had just enough Rock charisma to make it tolerable for one viewing.  C-

I admit I watched this movie because it was hosted on USA by WWE champ CM Punk. Not the best investment of time - since he cut 4 promos on the Rock that probably lasted 2 minutes at the most.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Raw review + RAW 100 Moments DVD

Link to my review of Raw from NJ for Wrestle Hustle

Why is ROH final battle smack dab in the middle of football Sunday?

WWE 100 Moments 3 DVD disc set

They were not kidding - this was brief and to the point. Uusually only one person per moment and each segment felt too short,  this was a decent but un-needed compilation of Raw moments- a dissapointment after the excellent n.W.o.  Revolution and Attitude era DVDs. Disc 3 features the entire 1000th episode of Raw ( still the best 3 hour Raw since they made the switch). An odd moment - but Booker T picked his "WCW" match against Buff Bagwell as his favorite Raw moment- I guess to each their own- since I remember that segment was so awkward and horrible that it killed off the idea of a seperate WCW promotion. This disc will not surprise long time fans of sports entertainment but will be a good starting point for newer fans of the E.   B_

Wow how time flies- I was a DJ at the Outer Limits in Virginia Beach when Nevermind dropped. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" would get a pit going when I played the record.