Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Raw review + RAW 100 Moments DVD

Link to my review of Raw from NJ for Wrestle Hustle

Why is ROH final battle smack dab in the middle of football Sunday?

WWE 100 Moments 3 DVD disc set

They were not kidding - this was brief and to the point. Uusually only one person per moment and each segment felt too short,  this was a decent but un-needed compilation of Raw moments- a dissapointment after the excellent n.W.o.  Revolution and Attitude era DVDs. Disc 3 features the entire 1000th episode of Raw ( still the best 3 hour Raw since they made the switch). An odd moment - but Booker T picked his "WCW" match against Buff Bagwell as his favorite Raw moment- I guess to each their own- since I remember that segment was so awkward and horrible that it killed off the idea of a seperate WCW promotion. This disc will not surprise long time fans of sports entertainment but will be a good starting point for newer fans of the E.   B_

Wow how time flies- I was a DJ at the Outer Limits in Virginia Beach when Nevermind dropped. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" would get a pit going when I played the record.

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