Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Game Plan

The Rock plays an egotistical star QB who has yet to win the big one. His life takes a sudden and sickingly sweet turn when his daughter from a failed marriage randomly shows up on his doorstep. Of course his daughter shows up during his team's playoff run. This is so sacchrine I am about to go into a sugar coma. On the upside the lovely Rocelyn Sanchez is the ballet instructor for his long lost daughter.

This feel-good movie made me feel bad for wasting time with it. Was it terrible no and Dwayne Johnson did a good job in his role- but this middling cliche filled family film is aimed directly at somebody else.  This fartwarming exercise in tearjerking pulls at the heart served it's investors well. Probably not for everyone but this family friendly had just enough Rock charisma to make it tolerable for one viewing.  C-

I admit I watched this movie because it was hosted on USA by WWE champ CM Punk. Not the best investment of time - since he cut 4 promos on the Rock that probably lasted 2 minutes at the most.

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