Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Cleanflix , wrestling and more

Watched Cleanflix today on Netflix streaming - interesting documentary about the intersection of censorship , religion and greed.

Then like an insane couch potato I watched all of Season 2 of the Wire- amazing season. Superlatives are deserved for the supporting cast , the writers, everything - just the best TV show ever. One stomach punch after another , mixed with subtle and not so subtle humor, great acting and a great ensemble. Wrestling tie-in Vladimir Kozlov is an extra seen in several episodes in a none speaking role.

Kudos to the baseball writers leaving the steriod class out of the Hall of Fame- Cooperstown should have a Hall of Shame wing- with the Black Sox , Sosa , Big Mac and Clemens -  I don't know . I loathe steriods and the human wreckage that has littered the wrestling landscape due to the shortcuts and desire to have insane unrealistic physiques.

I was underwhelmed by Monday's Raw- sure the Rock and Punk delivered big ratings- best since August - but neither promo was something that will ring out for me in 2 months -no less at the end of the year.

Still have TNA British Boot Camp third episode to watch- first 2 episodes were pretty entertaining.

The Pope indicated via Twitter that he has left TNA.

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