Sunday, January 13, 2013

Even more movie reviews from 2008

The Anderson Tapes

The Anderson Tapes (1971) - Well made caper flick about an ex-con played by Sean Connery who decides to put together a crew to shakedown a ritzy apartment building.With a solid cast including Ralph Meeker,Garrett Morris and the debut of Christopher Walken.The story is told in a compact 99 minutes by director Sidney Lumet- a mix of action and gritty humor- recommended if you like caper flicks with a noirsih touch. B-

The Public Eye

The Public Eye is a solid throwback movie- made in 1992 - we follow Joe Pesci who plays a shutterbug who knows everyone in the big apple during World War II and has taken their picture at one time or another. Obsessed with always getting the perfect picture- the photographer starts his day at midnight and trolls the city with the use of his police scanner.Known for never taking sides Bernstien(Joe Pesci) finally falls for the attractive owner of Cafe Society(Barbara Hershey).Of course with his guard down he gets in the middle of a conspiracy.If you are a fan of film noir you should enjoy this neo-noir offering- also fans of the Sopranos look for Heche & Jr. in the movie.A good mix of action and emotion- worth checking out if you still have a VHS(not out on DVD) B+

Stalag 17

This 1953 movie may have spawned the goofy Hogan’s Heroes- but this flick is playing for keeps.Written and directed by Billy Wilder with cinematography by Ernest Lazslo the movie captures the ambience of a WW2 P.O.W. camp.William Holden won an Oscar for his excellent performance as the King Rat of the barracks.Worth a Netflix slot.The movie is a little burdened by the "wacky" duo of Animal & Shapiro- but don’t let that keep you from enjoying a classic from one of Hollywood’s best directors. A-

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