Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Young Adult / Jeff Who Lives at Home

Netflix double feature night - needed a break from wrestling and Call of Duty and watched a couple of movies on Netflix Streaming.

Young Adult features Charlize Theron as a ghost writer for a popular teen series who decides to revisit her home-town when she finds out that her ex-bf is now a father. As trite as the premise seems it is held together by a superb performance by Charlize as a snobbish, self obsessed shallow girl who thinks her ex will drop everything because she is still the prettiest. Featuring superb dialogue and a pitch-perfect retro soundtrack this was a fun and capitivating trainwreck worth the time invested. B+

I also watched Jeff Who Lives at Home featuring Jason Seigel as an adrift stoner who follows signs and Ed Helms as his uptight brother. The plot is a stretch in this indie dramadey also featuring Susan Sarandon and Rae Dawn Chong, a decent diversion but  not something I would revisit. C-

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