Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This is The End

The apocalypse meets sophomoric humor in this comedy that hits the mark more than misses it. Jay Baruchel visits Seth Rogen in LA. After an afternoon of video games and ganja they go to a party at James Franco's swank new mansion. Things go really south after that...
The jokes really fly as the world tears itself apart. Several actors play exaggerated roles of themselves and others go way over the line. There are several cameos and this is a slapstick comedy so don't expect in depth character study. This is worth a matinee or a DVD rental when it comes out later this year. Not something I would revisit but I chuckled throughout the movie.  B-

After re-watching the entire run of the Wire , I am revisiting the Sopranos for the first time since it was on HBO. I know this is just another voice chiming in- but damn what a great series.

Also my wife ordered the latest Peter Bagge graphic novel collection Peter Bagge's Other Stuff- a  funny collection of stories from magazines and comics including the amazing Kool-Aid man story.

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