Wednesday, June 12, 2013

City for Conquest

City for Conquest - James Cagney is an un-ambitious pugilist who just wants to earn enough to be happy. His lifelong girlfriend played by Ann Sheridan wants to be a star hoofer. She is swept off her feet by the excessively oily Anthony Quinn who uses Sheridan as his dance partner. The movie wants to tell the story of New York from the 20s though 1940 following some neighborhood kids. The melodrama features a good cast but the whole effort is hamstrung by a predictable plot and an annoying greek chorus of one. The DVD is a superb collection of newsreels, cartoons and featurettes. It also has an informative commentary by film historian Richard Schickel. A fun cameo by director Elia Kazan as a gangster helps propel the movie forward, Overall the DVD is worth checking out for fans of classic Hollywood. The actual movie is decent but nothing I would revisit.   C+

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