Saturday, June 15, 2013

Man of Steel

Man of Steel -watched the latest reboot of a comic book franchise today. Superman remix was alright - I liked the new Krypton with the lead mirrors but I was underwhelmed by the lack of character development and shoddy "action" sequences. Like the reboot of Star Trek - these CGI action sequences dominate the majority of the movie. Death and destruction never looked so seamless or typical. The entire cast is filled with famous folks or recognizable faces who surround the new Superman in an effort to start another world famous sequel machine. If you have a short attention span and like explosions this is a solid distraction from the bills and mortgage. I enjoyed the movie but this not something I would watch again or suggest seeing for anything more than matinee price. C+

Yesterday I watched Hitler's Children on Netflix streaming. Interesting look at the descendants of some of the most notorious members of the Third Reich.

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