Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Mona Lisa y Amy Schumer's insides

finally watched the 80's movie Mona Lisa starring Bob Hoskins on Netflix Streaming yesterday. I liked the scenery and the notion that a pug of man like Hoskins can the lead in a movie. The Neil Jordan directed movie follows an ex-con trying to make his way in the underworld after a stint in jail. He is given the job of driving a high priced hooker around. They have a connection and she exploits his affection to send him searching for a former co-worker. Also look out for the actor that portrays Lester Freeman on the Wire. Overall this movie kept me engaged and it was nice to see Michael Caine as a baddie but this was a one time experience- and even then I finished watching due to inertia more then genuine interest. I did like the location scenes -even the old red light district of London.  C+

The show that has captured my fancy lately is Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central - she is pitch perfect as an every woman dealing with issues such as sex and diet. This is the first show since Louie on FX that I feel I want to share with folks - check it out if you can.

my favorite song right now is a pure gimmick - "Farrah Fawcett Hair" from Capitol Cities - but it is fun, first tune I played more than once (actually 5 times yesterday)

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