Saturday, July 13, 2013

Barbed Wire City

Barbed Wire City (2013)- a solid look at ECW. This documentary follows the Philly based promotion from it's humble beginnings in the early 90s as Eastern Championship Wrestling to it's challenging WCW and WWF in the late 90s to it's demise in 2001 and the aftermath including a less than stellar reunion in 2012. Mixing interviews with several grapplers, wrestling journalists and former owner Tod Gordon with fan cam footage from RF Video. This is the unauthorized story of ECW so there is no footage from TNN or PPV - but this is a great addition to the post ECW library (along with the must own Life + Death of ECW from WWE and the indie documentary Forever Hardcore). Although there is vintage footage of Paul Heyman at Q&A's in the late 90s there is a lack of interviews with Paul Heyman , Tommy Dreamer and other stars of the revolutionary promotion , there is still plenty of insight provided by New Jack, Joel Gertner , Stevie Richards and others. Extras include an alternate opening, classic footage from an ECW footage with Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan, and tours of the Arena and Elks Lodge and extra footage with New Jack. If you were a fan of the promotion back in the day this is a good look back at ECW and if you are a relatively new fan this will be a good introduction to one of the most innovative and influential promotions in wrestling history. A- 
CW Anderson at an indie show in 2011
photo and review by Jobber Joe
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