Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cutter's Way

This 1981 movie feels like a seventies movie(and I mean that in a good way). Mixing film noir with a good performances by Jeff Bridges and John Heard Cutter's Way is a solid Netflix slot filler. Bridges is Richard Bone a handsome young man who is a gigolo , tennis pro and potential yacht salesman. He lives with a one armed, one eyed , one legged veteran Alex Cutter who is a drunkard married to a lush. After Bone sees a murder and is almost run over by the killer, he stumbles into a boneheaded blackmail scheme and some great scenery. Cutter's Way is hamstrung by a horrible second act and a predictable plot but is saved by some great location shots and funny dialogue. While this may not be the great long lost movie that you are seeking it is worth the time for fans of Film Noir and like movies from the 70s. B-

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