Sunday, August 25, 2013

The World's End

The World's End- the Apocalypse has been comedy fodder in theaters since Mayan Doomsday last year. This movie starts as a mid-life crisis pub crawl for a man in his 40s that refuses to grow up while his chums have all moved on to respectable yet boring jobs in sales and sales and the law...

Simon Pegg is the King of the crew - driving his old mates back to their old town to have a night on the town to help him get over his mother. Featuring a fine ensemble cast this movie has tons of laughs in the first half but gets a little bogged down with some of the comedic action sequences during the second and third acts.

I enjoyed the movie - I would probably purchase the DVD for the special features if it includes commentary- Hot Fuzz was not my fave movie but the commentary keeps it in my collection.
The World's End is a fun diversion with a solid cast, if you like comedy with a British twist you will probably enjoy this movie.

 I have been marathon watching Law and Order on Netflix- lots of Sopranos cast members on this show as bit-players and today I saw Louis Black as a porn director.
Tomorrow Mike Mooneyham's article will cover the recent Ric Flair drama at the video game party and Flair's recent trials and tribulations.
My fantasy football team is set-
the Bermuda Fubar is now ready for 2013 Fantasy Football -
QB- Cam Newton , Joe Flacco
RB - Steven Jackson , Darren McFadden , Doug Martin and Shonn Greene
WR - Dexter McCluster , James Jones , Steve Johnson and Mike Williams
TE - Fred Davis , Brent Celek , Ron Gronkowski
K - Matt Bryant
Defense-Carolina Panthers

this is the third or 5th stadium in 5 years for this group of talent - thank you to Al Mitchell for selecting the first half of my team as I visited Churchland while following a jeep with the license plate Shinola.
I have today and tomorrow off and then I will be DJing Tuesday at the Zombie Tiki Party in Norfolk for Doom Gloom's goth night @the Wave.
Wednesday I will finally get to see Luminox perform at Peabody's in Virginia Beach, Va. Last time Luminox was in town I missed it due to snow- I can't wait.
This weekend features the return of DJ NRG from Boston.
Lucha fans check out the latest project featuring the Ultimo Dragon- help fund a graphic novel via Kickstarter. Only 7 days to go.

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