Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Friedkin's Folly

Ok that is misleading - but so is the title Sorcerer.

I imagine director William Friedkin was given carte blanche by the studio after directing 2 blockbuster smashes in the early seventies The French Connection and The Exorcist. Based on the novel Wages of Fear this movie follows 4 desperate men that take on a suicide mission to try and escape their hellish existence in a downtrodden village. This is a gritty tension filled movie filmed on location and the location shooting adds so much to the atmosphere. The film kicks off showing each of the 4 characters in their native lands. From an execution in the middle east to a suicide in Paris to a botched robbery in Jersey the 4 characters need to live off the grid. They end up in an oil drilling village in North America and then are given a dangerous and potentially lucrative mission transporting nitro glycerin thru the jungle. What follows is a treacherous journey through the wild on par with some of the location movies that Warner Herzog directed. The movie also features one of the oddest trippiest sequences on film near the end. Well worth seeking out. This movie fell into the cutout bin of history due to bad timing - it was released the same weekend as Star Wars.  Currently their is a barebones DVD out - but rumor has it that a deluxe edition will be released next year.   A

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