Sunday, December 22, 2013

Call of Duty Ghosts - the most incomplete review ever

well probably not- but I can't fully review the game since I usually only play multi-player , hardcore kill confirmed on X-Box 360. The game is frustrating - mixing K9s on steroids with bullets that round corners the experience is not always fun. I mean it is fun grenade launching folks and hearing them complain that I have not killed them the way the would kill me on the game . I like explosives - my favored weapon on the game is the IED- I set up double lethal with double tactical and use motion sensors and set them down like a rear guard while I try to find foes to kill with my Honey Badger. Truthfully I had more fun playing Black Ops 2 and World at War is still my favorite Call of Duty game. I guess I loathe this game because certain maps are sniper's paradise - like the huge Siege debacle. I like some maps like War Hawk and Strike Zone because there are plenty of landmarks to call out to team-mates.

videos are from Black Ops 2 by the way. 

Overall I can see why folks are trying out competing games like Battlefield and GTAV - and if I had the loot I would try other games also. I do enjoy the Cranked mode- although the scenario is troubling - think on it- a solider is so hyped from killing he must kill again or else he will explode- just odd if you really think on it- lol.

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