Sunday, December 22, 2013

Thank you RGIII ...... for 2012

a year later and with the Redskins limping past another terrible season. I want to take a moment to thank Robert Griffin the third for an exciting season one year ago. Did the Redskins win the Super Bowl last season - no. But they did win the division and beat the Cowboys and won the Beltway Bowl.  With sprinter speed and a lack of concern for his own safety for one year the Redskins QB presented excitement as he wiggled out of predicament after predicament and snatched victory from defeat with either his arm or legs. Was it all Robert Griffin - no, he had help from Albert Morris and a good season by kicker Kai Forbath. It was a nice oasis from the usual mishaps that led to bad seasons with terrible chemistry by former all-stars.  I grew up spoiled by the first era of Joe Gibbs and GM Bobby Beathard who fashioned 3 Super Bowl wins in a decade with 3 different quarterbacks. Since Dan Snyder took over the ownership of the franchise the team has been inconsistent. While I would love for the team to be in the playoffs and capture another Lombardi trophy - I also understand that sometimes rookie sensations are just that - and that due to age and coaches devising plans to stop veterans that RG3 was fighting an uphill battle- it was obvious that he missed playing in the pre-season games- hell the beginning of the season was a chore to watch because the QB seemed off-kilter. But whatever - who cares really - I won't earn an extra penny if the Skins win or loose. But I enjoyed option offense and the scrambling QB last year and while it may be a fluke I am glad I got that much at least. Hopefully this year is the fluke and Shanatan is relieved of coaching the franchise continues forward.

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