Friday, December 20, 2013

The Wire /// Law & Order crossover

do I chalk this up to versatility or the fact the producers from Law and Order believe their viewers have short attention - but John Doman has played 10 different characters on Law and Order and SVU - but was Rawls for the entire run of the Wire. Also Lance Reddick was in one scene as the ME followed by Deirdre Lovejoy as a cop in the next- on the Wire their characters ended up living together.

Of course the major link is the character John Munch - he was a regular on Homicide a cop show based in Baltimore base on a book by David Simon the creator of the Wire. Munch was featured in crossover episodes of Law and Order ( his chemistry with Jerry Orbach was hilarious) - and when the spin-off SVU was created the character John Munch portrayed by Richard Belzer was part of the elite unit. He also had a cameo on the Wire.

Wrestling tie-in - Belzer had Hulk Hogan and Mr T on his talk show during the build-up to the first WrestleMania - Belzer asked Hogan to try a hold on him. Hogan put a headlock on Belzer and it knocked out the comedian/actor. Belzer sued WWF and Hogan because of the incident.

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