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Wrestling and Pop Culture in December 2010

December 1 , 2010

Tales From A Dirt Road by Dutch Mantell is released to positive reviews online. Mantell is an engaging storyteller and great interview.

"A great storyteller in the ring and out Dutch Mantell’s Tales From A Dirt Road portrays an unbiased and candid look into an industry that was once so guarded" – Jon K. Orr

Dec 2, 2010 -Say what you want about the artist formerly known as MVP- but he has gotten folks talking. I think they should have and could have ridden his initial character to big money- they pulled the plug too soon and then watered down the character-they lack patience for long term pushes- I mean breaking up Hart Dynasty this soon is one good indication of that.


 Lutz Memorial Cup 2010 December 4th 2010

This is a solid indie DVD from Vanguard Championship Wrestling from Suffolk, Va.

An 8 man tournament featuring several strong indie workers including ROH world champion Roderick Strong , VCW Champion CW Anderson and the king of old school Steve Corrino. Bolo Young wins the Cup with impressive showings in his 3 matches. Austin Aires teams up with John Kermon to challenge The Set for the VCW titles. The Set retain their straps. A good field of competitors and decent production make this a solid title for your library- but it is not essential to track down.  B-


December 11, 2011

Mark Madoff the son of Bernie Madoff(the biggest financial criminal in history) killed himself.


December 13, 2011

The 2010 Slammy Awards are broadcast on Monday Night Raw, mixing wacky categories like the Cole in your stocking award going to Daniel Bryan for his assault on Michael Cole during an episode of NXT .NXT was pitched to the public by Vince McMahon as a hybrid concept) eventually it became a chance for the not ready for prime time grapplers of FCW to step up to national scrutiny. Season One actually felt like a long angle that set up the Nexus invasion. The Nexus invasion was one of the best segments of WWE television in years and seemed to signal the elevation of new talent. Even when experienced grappler Daniel Bryan got terminated for choking out ring announcer Justin Roberts with his tie during the demolition of the ring and beat-down of in-ring talent and other WWE officials WWE made Wade Barrett into a strong leader character. Sadly the Nexus and Wade Barrett went from a dominating force to just another group of foils for John Cena. John Cena won the Slammy for being the Superstar of the year.


December 14, 2011

Cross Rhodes: Goldust Out of the Darkness by Dustin Rhodes-the most recent WWE autobiography is a quick read and quite frankly not much new material- Dustin regrets his 5 year estrangement with his father- the backlot brawl hurt but was fun doing. He wanted to do Seven longer-but Russo did not, etc.- either way you can probably read this book in an afternoon @ a Big-box book store and save the 15 bucks-cool cover- but not worth owning unless you really collect all rasslin' books.  C+



WWE PPV TLC 195,000 buyrate



December 17 2010

The Fighter is a solid boxing pic about a boxer who is dealing with family issues and struggling to succeed as a pugilist. Mark Whalberg does a decent job as Mickey Ward struggling between his controlling mom and assertive new girlfriend. Christian Bale is the older brother who is dealing with crack addiction and at one point boxed Sugar Ray Leonard. Bale does a good job as the strung out older brother (winning an Oscar for his portrayal). This is not something I would rush out to see- but it was worth the matinee price I paid. Based on a true story- the movie still has some cliche moments- but holds together well- not my favorite by this director David O. Russell (Three Kings)-but worth a Netflix slot or a Redbox rental when it comes out on DVD.  B-



December 18, 2010

ROH Final Battle was probably my favorite PPV of 2010 – although I did not view the event until it came out on DVD the following year. Mixing an energetic crowd with intense action and culminating the feud of the year with a mask versus career match featuring El Generico and Kevin Steen- this is well worth seeking out and owning.

Mark Henry wins the Battle Royal at the outdoor Tribute to the Troops show broadcast on NBC.


December 19,2010 –


Edge captures the World Heavyweight Championship in a fatal 4 way TLC match.


Does trending equal ratings? WWE Tribute to the Troops was number 1 trending topic for most of the day yesterday on Yahoo. The Soup made a joke about Hogan's wedding and the fact that his bride resembles his daughter this week. Also on the latest Rifftrax DVD release Maniac there is an Undertaker/JYD joke- originally on Cox Cable they had JBL and Cole listed as the announcers for Smackdown on USA- that turned out to be an error- as I had thought when I posted about it earlier- - the JBL & Cole schedule thing for Smackdown on USA has been updated to Grisham & Stryker.


December 23, 2010 - #1 trending topic on yahoo right now is Hulk Hogan- Just a week after the wrestler tied the knot with Jennifer McDaniel, the newlywed underwent 10-hour back surgery, E! reports. The 57-year-old is recovering in the hospital and reportedly doing well.


December 26,2011

 Kaval (Lo-Ki a/k/a Senshi) has parted ways with WWE after being the winner of NXT season 2. Well Kaval did not get put in the main event or disrupt one or be the focus of the television for months- instead he got the Maven push- and hell Maven made it to the Royal Rumble and eliminated Taker. Kaval now has some unique jumpsuits he can put on eBay. Lo-Ki was one of my favorite wrestlers in NWA-TNA and a reason that I would contribute 10 dollars a week to any show I knew he was on. I feel it is a shame that WWE continues to match small guys with heavyweights- they need different weight divisions. GSP is not a heavyweight but he is big box office for UFC- same goes for Mayweather and Manny in boxing- WWE needs to revisit their strategy when it comes to the smaller workers. Bottom-line it sucks that Kaval is not the type of worker that WWE will showcase- because he is the kind of worker that I will watch over and over again.


December 27,2011

CM Punk becomes actively involved with the Nexus or New Nexus.








December 28, 2011

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan WWE DVD 2010


 Heenan is one of the best in the business- a personal favorite. Sadly this DVD is fronted by a 50 minute biography that just does not do the subject justice. Of course part of the problem is the throat cancer that Heenan is battling- so no new interviews with Heenan.  Does this set deserve to be ignored- no- it has a bunch of extra segments and matches including the 1992 Royal Rumble. Sadly the extras section on the first disc does not include a play all feature. If you want to learn more about Heenan I strongly suggest grabbing his 2004 shoot interview with RF Video or pick up his autobiography.                     B-


“As a manager that was a favorite. What bummed me out was that it was a not a 3 disc set. I felt a little bit ripped off that it was  a 2 disc set. That is a favorite, as a manager I have taken a lot from Heenan.” – Timmy Danger



Bobby The Brain: Wrestling’s Bad Boy Tells All by Bobby Heenan with Steve Anderson- 2002 Triumph Books


This is a fun autobiography by wrestling’s smart aleck. Tons of old school stories about working in AWA,WWF and WCW. A way better insight to the Brain than the lackluster Heenan DVD that WWE put out today. Filled with laughs and insight- it is well worth seeking out. A


I tried watching Knucklehead with The Big Show on Netflix streamingРI could not finish it, the mix of sophomoric comedy and clich̩ dialog led to me shutting it off and playing Black Ops instead.





December 31, 2010

Horrific art and a ridiculous storyline-stupid impulse buy-at least the early 1990s WCW comic books were fun- the current crop of WWE comic books seem to cater to an older audience then their current on-air product-including blood, zombies and more- which is all fine with me when executed in an entertaining way.


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