Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hustle , Pumping Iron , The Stepmother

Hustle (1975)

October 13, 2010 at 10:48pm
Hustle- Burt Reynolds is a homicide detective in LA - he and partner Paul Winfield investigate a body washed ashore.Along the way we follow the relationship of Reynolds and Catherine Denueve. Mixing a suicide,a couple of gun fights in between a relationship with a high priced hooker Reynolds seems out of sort for most of the movie.There is a couple of continuity gaffes,a laughable score and overly twisted plot to contend with also.A solid cast included Paul Winfield,Eilene Brennan,Ben Johnson,Ernest Borgnine with Robert Englund and Fred Williard in cameo roles.I snagged this cause it was directed by Robert Aldrich(Kiss Me Deadly)-- this movie tries to have it's artistic moments -but usually it is lost .Not worth a Netflix slot unless you really crave seeing Burt Reynolds without a mustache.

This week I also tried to watch Ninja Thunderbolt by Godfrey Ho-although it had tons of unintentional comedy- the mixture of convoluted plot,terrible lighting and random fighting made it a struggle to complete.I also watched Batman:Under The Red Hood- ok animation-some big ideas- but not in love with it.

Amazon Women on The Moon- sketch comedy from the early 80s- this movie is inconsistent- but when it scores it is a lot of fun- from the cad catcher computer skit with Steve Guttenberg to BB King's testimonial for Don "No Soul" Simmons to the continued problems with the showing of the late movie Amazon Women on the Moon.Sure this is dated and inconsistent- but a decent investment time if you are looking for some silly fun with a cast of soon to be famous folks.  B-

Underworld USA(1961)- Solid Samuel Fuller crime and revenge flick starring Cliff Robertson,A good mix of superb cinematography ,an over the top score and quick pacing make this worth checking out if you enjoy film noir.

Pumping Iron- interesting look at something I am not that interested in- bodybuilding- basically we get the run up to Arnold Schwarzneggar's 'last competition for Mr Olympia(his 6th in a row) his competitor is none other than Lou Ferrigino.The movie has some very quotable stuff- sadly- we find out in the special features - this is a docudrama- not a documentary and Arnold confesses that he fabricated most of the storyline and he did that to make the movie more interesting- oh well.Still interesting look @ wieghtlifting culture.  B-

The Stepmother-this 1970s drive-in movie is a doozy- mixing 70s fashion,a non-sensical storyline,some bad freeze-frames and incest-this movie is one of those so bad it's okay type movies.Larry Linville (from M*A*S*H)  is a supporting actor in the flick. D


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