Thursday, January 09, 2014

Mae Young update /// thick of it / Maron

Been binge-watching - or binge viewing - really marathon laziness with a laugh track = first I suffered thru tons of commercials to get thru the entire run of Thick of It on Hulu Plus- Peter Capaldi is a profane genius - I have been wanting to watch the show since I saw In the Loop.

my ultimate fake government would include Dennis Haysbert as President , Ron Swanson as VP , with Malcolm tucker as the press secretary and Benjamin Sisko as the head of the pentagon- would it work - I don't know - oh wait maybe the president wrestler guy from Idiocracy.

also have been watching Marc Maron's show on Netflix sans commercials- seriously commercials on hulu suck=specially for shows like Newhart- really? The Maron show is funny - for fans of stuff like Newhart or CYE

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