Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The French Connection

This gritty grimy crime story is well known for it's car chase scene but 40 years later it also serves as an amazing time capsule for a New York City that does not exist anymore. William Friedkin's film is shot on location and has an entrancing score by Don Ellis. This best picture winner is well worth checking out , amazing scenery and a great look at police procedures before cellphones and computers.  A+

French Connection II is streaming on Netflix - it is rather disappointing . Popeye Doyle is Tarzan in New York - rather he is in France tracking the bad guy and well this sequel directed by John Frankenhiemer is not terrible it is not a good extension of the original nor that logical. The scene with the drunken baseball talk is pretty darned funny- but overall this is not worth the time. C+
ALSO if you were planning on going to the 12th Planet Show in Virginia Beach tonight -
Due to the inclement weather, tonight's show at Peabody's with 12th Planet has been cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience. Refunds are being given at point of purchase.

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