Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Hardcore Truth + WWE 50 DVD

The Hardcore Truth by Bob Holly with Ross Williams

ECW Press

This is a straightforward narrative presented with a clear voice by Bob Howard better known to many wrestling fans as Hardcore Holly. This autobiography is a compelling story about a lifelong fan that overcame a middling gimmick to have a decade and half career with the largest wrestling promotion in the world. He pulls no punches talking about backstage politics, his peers, steroids, and his run with the world-wide leader. It was a solid read and worth the time , sure Howard is a little defensive about how he is perceived , but that is the problem with having a public persona for so long , especially one that seemed to portray a character that was a no nonsense bully to some. I liked the book and think it is a worthwhile addition to the modern wrestling library.  B+
WWE 50 Years DVD

The DVD is centered around a 2 hour documentary covering the history of the WWE. It kicks off with Vince McMahon parking his car at Titan Towers and then goes into the history of the company. It follows the company from Capital Wrestling Corporation to the WWWF and more. In 1956 Vince McMahon, Sr. put his shows on the Dumont network this program helped grow the product. Mixing archival interviews and current interviews with vintage video and pictures this is neat look back at the history of the WWE. It is frustrating that only 30 minutes and one match are given to the first 3 decades of the promotion while most of the focus is on more current events. My favorite extra on the set is the Hogan vs Andre match from Mania III with no announcers. This is a decent DVD but like many WWE attempts at writing their own history it leaves a little to be desired. I mean they covered the steroids tribulations and the Monday night wars – but they could have covered more vintage material , how do you tell the story of the original WWWF and not mention Antonio Rocca- I don’t know but they found a way. Still I am glad to have this set as part of my collection.  B-

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