Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Wrestling 365 Day Uno

my second attempt to cover wrestling and pop culture for a year starts today- with no wrestling- yep NONE. OK I skipped Raw on Monday and I am re-recording the show right now since my initial attempt to record was truncated by a fluke power outage.

Today I had lunch at Longhorn - the NY Strip was too tough and chewy to complete - and the butter made the lobster extra salty tasting . My wife says NY Strips are too inconsistent that is why she sticks with other cuts for her steaks.  I think I love the little tapas fillets at Havana at the Beach and Hot Tuna on Wednesday.

OK I did read some of Tim Hornbacker's book Legends of Wrestling- Fit Finlay is included. I got into an argument because I feel that he is an international legend of wrestling and he was introduced as a legend on his RF shoot( of course that is tainted since you want to set a respectful tone to start an interview). I just felt he was respected around the world and accomplished so much before he joined WCW and later WWE. But wrestling is a subjective sport. For every person 20-45 who thinks wrestling has fallen off since the Monday Night Wars there are probably younger fans that love the current product.

In 2011 I took a year off to work on a wrestling book. I still have tons of notes and interviews and photographs and the goal is to finish that endeavor this year while covering not just the WWE but TNA, ROH , Evolve and more. After going to several shows in 2011 I did not attend a single show in 2013. I will attempt to reach a middle ground this year. I am planning on going to a PPV party for the Royal Rumble this month. I have not watched a PPV since Summer Slam.

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