Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ice Cream Breakfast and other thoughts (rasslin')

Eating communist ice cream Ron Burgundy style - the scotchy mcscotch or whatever is darned tasty. Ironically I sold my copy of Anchorman on DVD to help purchase my free week of WWE Network- well they declined my paypal when it was less than the 9.99 wanted - so not free and so far it works on my computer with some lag issues and does not work on my 360 which is an issue since I don't want to watch WrestleMania XXX on my laptop. I did enjoy Raw - well I flipped between Family Feud on GSN and Battle of the Network Stars ( Howard Cosell chortling while Artie Johnson was dunked by several CBS studs was odd) - I don't miss CM Punk and I liked the Taker and Lesnar confrontation. Also Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt had a good old fashioned brawl. I am not overly impressed with the Network offerings so far , I mean ok it is nice to be able to pull up any PPV - but I like the documentaries and weekly shows they offered with their on Demand service more and so far the other offerings are sparse at best. I guess I will call WWE about the 360 issue since I really want to watch the wrestling on the Flatscreen TV and not my laptop.

blurry picture of G Love  , me and Special Sauce from 1997 at Peabody's Nightclub in Virginia Beach

this cracked me up - folks inked up via photoshop- the fact that Swayze has his catchphrase tatted on him just slays me

SONG OF THE DAY from 2012

I simply love this hypnotic blend of elements - sadly I don't think this song ever got much traction- "Candles"by Jez Dior- check it out.

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