Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Man Stroke Woman / Grandmaster Flash

This is better than bad lip reading and more fun- lol. Man Stroke Woman is a superb Brit-com skit show.

"I enjoy the music of Grandmaster Flash, I go crazy for his rap and his beats."

The first rap song I heard was "New York , New York" by Grandmaster Flash - I heard it on the jukebox at the Pizza Hut located next to Franklin County High School - I was in between practices for 9th grade football.

 While I love this song - I was blown away by "The Message" like most everybody else. This song still sounds current and I am always tempted to play the whole thing as I rap along. "I can't see the game or the Sugar Ray fight" ( and no the band Sugar Ray was not fighting)....

and even the message with it's message had some comedy to it - but nothing as funny as this flatulent ode to ET

   on the serious side  I love this Melle Mel cut- mixing his fame from "I Feel For You" by Chaka Khan

Happy 100th Birthday to William S. Burroughs - check out a new article by Leonard Pierce on Burning Ambulance about the legendary writer.

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