Sunday, March 30, 2014

Free Music Sunday

Of course almost everything is free with the right search and app nowadays - but here are places I tend to visit as often as I can for quality tunes. A few weeks ago De La Soul offered their entire back catalogue for free download- that offer is over- but follow them online for more free stuff

Uno - The Hype Machine - a site that compiles tunes from all the blogs in all the land - some of the stuff is free- some is not- but with the addition of a chart it is a quick way to see what is bubbling under - from a variety of sources.

I found this haunting sludge mix of a Destiny's Child tune from that site among many many others

Dos- Soundcloud - this site offers tons of freebies - it is a sifting process- figure out who to follow and it  get's easier- but then you may miss something  - a great source for new EDM stuff- but also a ton of other genres- this cracks me up- "crank thxt"

Three - Soul Sides - leave to the specialists - this site unearths a treasure trove of gospel, funk , soul , latin , etc- well worth a visit if you enjoy vintage R&B and soul from the 60s and 70s- but also has great old school hip hop and more - a personal fave. The following song I don't know if was posted on Soul Sides - but I found it when I randomly purchased a CD sampler in 2001  or so- funky as all get out- around a minute in they kick in the jams- a hidden gem that is an essential for all funk fans.

Four - Fluxblog - alternative with a pop sensibility - currently you can find songs by Kylie Minogue and the Liars- a good source for new music - going strong since 2002.

Five - CMJ- I still have tons of their samplers in CD Wallets- by the way- bad idea to put things into CD Wallets- sure it takes less space- but - if you don't have the cover art or jewel box you probably can't sell back the CDs you purchased- not that many folks purchase those retro coasters anymore- 10 years ago if you had told me that vinyl would be selling as well as it is and CDs are fading into the VHS bin of obscurity I would think maybe if Napster had made it- oh wait they didn't but it does not matter....  This month's CMJ sampler - I really dig the first 2 cuts- punkish vibe and energy. This Xiu Xiu song is from an older sampler.

Six - Free Music Archive - courtesy of WFMU- the most reknowned freeform radio station in the US- separated by genre - there is a ton of stuff to sift thru- lots of source material for odd mix tapes and more.

It always grinds my gears when folks say there is no good new music out there.  I bet there is plenty new to them music out there that would suit their tastes - but it is a matter of digging or rather listening - and yes it can be frustrating listening to the millionith "Animals" clone or a cruddy demo by a band that has only played a bar-b-q before they decided they wanted to tour the country( now I wish I had saved that letter - the demo was flung from a speeding vehicle in the 90s)- but in the end it is fun and gratifying hearing the next thing or things

I almost forgot what started this post - I got a new free download link from Alligator Records
Love this funky blues number from James Cotton

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