Monday, March 31, 2014

Mad Men: The Battle between expectations and reality

Finally! Mad Men Season 6 is on Netflix- I had re-watched the first 5 seasons last fall. I watched Season 6 while it ran, but I want to have all the details of one of my favorite shows fresh in my head as it heads towards its swansong. The grand  fa├žade - the series starts with the perfect American family headed by the dashing Don Draper and the former model Betty Draper. Draper is an ad man based in New York City while living in a nice suburban house outside of the city and Betty is tending to their family. Mixing historical events with the inner workings of Madison Avenue ad agency this show mixes wit and drama with perfect balance. If you have not watched the show - it is a binge-worthy show and you have until April 13th to catch up.

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