Wednesday, March 05, 2014

On The Cheap

On The Cheap: My Life in Low Budget Filmmaking by Greydon Clark

This is an interesting look at thrifty film-making from the perspective of writer, director and actor Greydon Clark. Making a career of finding the latest trend and then making a movie in 15 days with a thread-bare budget was how Clark ended up working with Martin Landau , Tony Curtis , Cybill Shepard and many others in his 4 decade long career. His movies are always engaging -sure he sometimes borrowed sequences from one movie and added them to the next ( the lovers montage in Bad Bunch was taken from his previous movie) and while I may agree more with the MST3k take on Angel's Brigade and Final Justice than he does I am glad to have both movies in my collection along with the Forbidden Dance, Black Shampoo,  Hi-Riders , Skinheads and the movie I thought introduced me to his movies Bad Bunch.

Turned out I had Uninvited in  my collection along with a VHS copy of Skinheads already. The book is a fascinating read about the unglamorous side of cinema , the constant compromise and sheer will-power to pull off productions outside of the studio system in a shifting marketplace that saw the demise of the traditional studio system , drive-thrus and the rise and fall of the home video market. If you purchase the book thru his website you can also get a DVD of one of his movies and the book is signed.

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