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Raw Ruminations: 1 Year ago

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 My quick thoughts on Raw from March of 2013

Raw Ruminations  Philly

CM Punk taunts the Undertaker and then the lights go out and the Undertaker appears in the ring with Punk and Paul. Punk retreats.

Fandango appears in the ring. He is assaulted by Y2J.

Y2J defeats Dolph. After the match he is thrown around by Big E Langston and then assaulted by Fandango.

Sheamus is conducting an interview about arse and fellas and he is attacked by the Shield. Randy Orton and Big Show come out to help the former champion.

Mark Henry dominates the Usos.

Antonio beats Alberto by countout after Jack Swagger attacks Ricardo.

Team Hell No beat the Prime Time Players in a tag match.

My fast forward button kicks in while HHH talks and then he kicks Wade Barrett in the nutsack.

The Miz beats Wade Barrett with the figure four leglock.

Team Hell No discuss their 401K and then Kaitlyn calls AJ crazy and is attacked the by Skippy.

The Shield defeat longtime 3 man unit Ryder, The Great Kahli and Justin Gabriel.

Team Rhodes Scholars with the Bella Twins defeat Brodus and Tensai.

CGI fest featuring the Rock will be out soon.

Ryback defeats 3MB.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will induct Bruno Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame.

AJ beats Butterfly Belt champ Kaitlyn by countdown.

WWE13 is back on shelves everywhere due to 2K sports.

How do you make a segment with 4 Hall of Famers and the headliners of Wrestlemania a bore and a chore? Easy- hand the microphone to John Cena- he was terrible. The Rock not only Rock-Bottomed him to button up the segment but ran laps around Cena on the microphone.

April Severnth??

By Jobber Joe (follow and interact on Twitter @JobberJoe99)

Terry Funk will induct Mick Foley into the Hall of Fame.

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