Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Outfit

The Outfit is a straightforward revenge/ heist neo-noir from the mid-70s filled with classic film noir actors like Robert Ryan , Marie Windsor and Elisha Cook , Jr. Written by the same man responsible for the story that fueled the 60s classic Point Blank starring Lee Marvin and directed the director of Rolling Thunder this is a title worth seeking out for any fan of hardboiled crime drama. The movie starts out with a rural assassination and then as the credits roll Robert Duvall is released from prison. Turns out his brother was the pre-credit victim. The rest of the movie pits Duvall against a syndicate that includes Timothy Carey. Duvall rides with his lady friend Karen Black and recruits Joe Don Baker to be his muscle.  Luckily this movie has been rescued from the cutout bin of history - I was lucky enough to see it on TCM and if you want you can watch it on Amazon direct. 

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