Friday, April 25, 2014

True Confessions- Total Divas is more fun to watch than Legend's House

Maybe it is the trashy drama or maybe it is the tighter editing on Total Divas but Legend's House is relegated to the WWE Network for a reason. I am a long-time fan of most of the Legends in the house and have watched countless hours of these folks - but the show borders on boring and forced after 2 episodes- the show has moments but without real competition for a spot it just feels like  some nostalgia memorabilia convention with a nicer backdrop than a flea market. Divas has big time help from the male wrestlers , Daniel Bryan and John Cena are interesting in their cameos. Currently Divas is a highly rated show- I don't know what the views are of Legend's House -

                Picture of Roddy Piper by Jobber Joe -VCW Lutz Memorial Cup 2011

Speaking of reality TV wrestling - I watched the DVD for the season of Real World and the season the Miz was on - it looked like a fun season but I never saw the season when it happened- Miz had standout charisma.

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