Monday, April 21, 2014

Warrior Week on WWE Network

It is surreal , after 18 years the Ultimate Warrior returns to the WWE(it was WWF when he left). The day after his appearance on Raw he dies from a heart attack.

Wrestling apologists want to shift the blame from wrestling and I am not a doctor so I don't know the actual cause of death, but the cynical side of me thinks it is a direct result of experimentation with HGH and steroids that ultimately led to the early demise of Warrior. He was known as the anabolic warrior for years and until the hatchet was buried was known as much for his potatoes and odd promos as his ability to shift merchandise and sell tickets.

The oddness about the tribute week and the superb career of Warrior documentary is the fact that it is so clean and almost too perfect (like say the conclusion of Breaking Bad). I mean I guess it is not perfect for the friends and family of Warrior. It is sad they lost their father and husband and it is a bizarre end to a unique chapter in wrestling history. I was not a Warrior fan - simply put he was aimed at a different demographic and I was not fully engaged in WWF or even wrestling at that time.

The Legends of WrestleMania shows are simply not on par with the Legends of Wrestling programs in the Vault on WWE Network.

Speaking of Legends house - I am enjoying the show - but I am not entirely in love with it. I mean Roddy Piper is my alltime favorite wrestler- but well the show is not exactly my cup of tea.

The Journey to WrestleMania with Daniel Bryan is worth watching.

For the price so far - the Network is a hell of a bargain.

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