Wednesday, April 02, 2014

WWE Network -stories thoughts and more

Since it's launch in Feb. the WWE network has generated tons of stories and comment. The online content is fine- the 360 content is getting there- but there is still buffering- how much will this ruin the XXX experience on Sunday

Variety covered the story online . The gamble has paid off so far on Wall Street.
I watched the lackluster press conference yesterday morning at 11 am EST- and the event lagged several times- I can't imagine what will happen when most of the WWE universe tunes in live for the New Orleans gala event. Currently I am watching Elimination Chamber 2014 which just got added to the 360 content offering and while it does not Buffer or lag - it has moments where the sound clips and it sounds like a VHS tape about to snap. The stakes are high Sunday- lag is the enemy- but if the feed goes down -look out.

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