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Pro Wrestling in May of 2011

Sunday May 1, 2011

Extreme Rules 2011 -a decent PPV that was over-shadowed by the news- we found out around 10:40 pm EST that Barrack Obama was going to make a speech- then a friend got a text about the death of Osama Bin Laden. The upside of the PPV-Christian wins the World Championship, the debut of Kharma(Kong)- some neat spots during the Kofi match ,Micheal Cole in bubble-wrap and R-Truth spelling conspiracy- C -O-N spiracy -downside Cena beating Morrison and Miz- (I had a flashback to Benoit and Jericho vs Austin and wanting anyone cept Austin to win and Austin won).Overall a decent PPV.

 I sat next to Barry who was there with his 3 boys and wife- the family was there because the children are into wrestling. My friends showed up right before the start of the event. I was able to arrive @ 7:30 pm and get a table- the attendance was far less than Mania at the same eatery.

PPV started with Orton and CM Punk in a last man standing match- Orton won the match after some solid back and forth and some sick spots- well for a WWE event. The ante was upped during the US title match between Sheamus and Kofi Kingston. Kofi won the match after adding some more unique high spots to his portfolio. R-Truth cut a decent promo backstage.

  Michael Cole came out in bubble-wrap- hoping this would spare his hide during the country whipping match. When Cole got the victory –a girl in my section was visibly upset with the pinfall over good ole’ JR. Cody and his henchmen distributed bags to the audience and then Cody and Rey had a good falls count anywhere match – that had a pinfall in the ring- after Rey spit something that looked like Baja Blast at Cody.

  Michelle McCool lost a loser leaves WWE match to Layla  and then got an implant buster from the debuting Kharma (Awesome Kong).

  Alberto Del Rio and Christian had a darned good ladder match – and Christian won the World Championship with a little help from the now retired Edge.

   As a stop-gap between main events we saw Big Show and Kane retain their tag titles in a jobber-jack match.

  The main event cage match was won by John Cena  as he captured the WWE strap from Miz while defeating Miz and Morrison.– but it was really over-shadowed in the moment by the news of the killing of Osama Bin-Laden. During the 10 o’clock hour my friend DJ Kendall got a text from his mom telling him that Obama was slotted to make an announcement- which is odd that late on a Sunday. Of course the next few minutes were filled with speculation. Then he got on the phone and found out that Osama Bin-Laden had been killed.


With a buyrate of 209,000 it was an increase of 25,000 buys from 2010.




Monday May 2- WWE Raw from Miami – felt like a campaign stop- with commercials from celebs praising birthday boy Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

“I think that birthday special- I don’t care what Tyler Perry has to say- I get it you’re a celebrity. That birthday celebration is maybe the worst episode of Raw I have ever seen- because nobody benefited.” – Jeff Katz RWR 5/25/11




Wednesday May 3, 2011

“I think the internet has ruined professional wrestling for me at times. The 8 year old in me doesn’t believe anymore. I don’t know if it’s a curse because of getting into the industry. Even after I got into it and trained – I could still watch it and enjoy it. But I now watch for mistakes- which is something I never did as a kid.” – Tonya Stevens


The modern information age is great for so many things- need to know about a topic in an argument- no longer do you have to wait to get home to answer the query- now you type in the subject and google, wiki, etc. will give you any number of links with the answer. Is the internet always accurate- no - of course not- but usually you can find the correct details on whatever you are discussing at that moment.

The downside is - the current need for constant information and to be the first to break new news has lead to a ton of spoilers- especially in professional wrestling-it is one thing to say Spoiler inside- it is another to post pictures of the event that has yet to air or pictures showing a new champion or using that information as header- it is frustrating - but I guess expected. Why this rant- well Smackdown was taped on Tuesday- that night the net was swamped with pictures of Randy Orton with the belt and people reacting to Christian loosing the belt so early into his championship run. As a Christian fan and a fan of change – it was frustrating- but even more frustrating was knowing the results of the Friday show before I sat down to watch it.


VCW –The Rise of  The SET

From Challengers to Champions

2011 Bell to Bell Promotions LLC


First off- kudos to VCW- the production on this DVD is light years ahead of the last DVD I purchased from the company. This features sitdown interviews with the tag-team The Set – Lance Lude and Jay-Sinn and several matches including matches against the King of Wrestling and The Briscoe Brothers. The extra includes a shoot interview (filmed while wrestling is audibly going on in the background-not an extra so much as the sitdown sections in scoop versus between matches) and an extra match. I imagine this odd tag team may not get over with someone who has not seen them live- but they are fun live and their style works on the DVD.  B-


5:08 AM May 6, 2011

Less than a year ago- Nexus burst onto the scene. The cast of season one of the WWE semi-reality casting couch competition invaded Monday night Raw and proceeded to destroy the set, the ring, disrobe and choke the announcer and mow down everything in their path. Led by Daniel Bryan (noted indie worker Brian Danielson) the future seemed to be here – NOW and the exclamation point was the 360 by Justin Gabriel- mixing the power of Skip Sheffield with the celebrity of David Otunga with the all around acumen of Wade Barrett and with Daniel Bryan standing up after his early dismissal from the ludicrous elimination competition. WWE was served notice that this was the group. The internet embraced them. Then the first flat tire- Daniel Bryan was fired for being too violent in the violent attack by choking out ring MC Justin Roberts with his own tie(according to rumor). Then the remaining group was lead by the articulate winner of season one Wade Barrett- but they could never overcome or shed John Cena- in other words they felt like the latest version of the Washington Generals to Cena’s Globetrotters. Now Nexus is about to disband forever- Monday had Mason Ryan destroy the group and standing tall- and it is barely the same group and they are now headed by CM Punk. The modern attention span is shorter- nothing seems to have an extended shelf life anymore- gone are the days of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd being on the charts for years- now we have shows fizzle out or be snuffed out as soon as the next big thing happens- honestly I feel odd writing about Nexus now- because they have not been relevant since CM punk took over the group and hazed away 2 core members while making the rest of the group seem like sheep in early January. It just amazes me that the Nexus  is about to evaporate- will probably be a trivia question – instead of  having a following- sure the big N shirts were probably a bad idea- but the fans wanted something new- instead we ended up creating another foil for John Cena- Cena is still here  and on top – while the Nexus melts away like butter on summer day.

May 7, 2011

  I went to Uprising at the Norfolk Scope Exhibition Hall. This was the first Southside Pro Wrestling show staged at the venue. On the flier advertising the show Buff Bagwell, Ricky Morton and Reid Flair were featured as the main event attractions. 2 weeks prior I had found out to my pleasant surprise that Sonjay Dutt was replacing Ricky Morton. I was going to the show to check out the gimmick table and see Sonjay and since it had been awhile since I went to an indie show. It was a fun night highlighted by a very good match pitting Sonjay Dutt versus The Platinum Icon Phil Brown in a fast paced yet entertaining contest and an energetic 12 tag team battle royal- being in the third row it was fun watching all the characters fight it out. In the end the Silver City Saints won the match- I was very impressed with the hard work and passion of Sterling Williams.
After intermission one of the tv commentators came out and announced that Buff Bagwell and Reid Flair were not going to make it. I admit I was not heartbroken- but I also wonder if this will hurt the promotion. There was a fair amount of murmuring about refunds and wanting Buff as the night progressed- but I liked the show. In the last match of the night owner Mark Anthony confronted Chris Hamrick in a hair match. The match was going ok until it looked like Hamrick blew out his knee- they did the ref X sign and the audience got real quiet – then – superkick by Hamrick- the crowd that was so concerned moments earlier popped with delight as Hamrick got the pinfall and proceeded to mock Anthony as his mullet went the way of the fannypack. The gimmick tables featured a mix of sanctioned products, blatant burned DVDs and vintage merch like magazines and trading cards. It was not a sellout but a good turnout- I just hope the crowd does not hold the card changing against this promotion and they were able to make enough money to hold another event at the venue (currently another event is scheduled for October 22, 2011). Sadly the footage for this event will probably never be seen due to a disagreement between the promotion and the videographer.

“I felt like the public thinks like we lured them in with these big names and that is not the case 100% and that just made me feel bad. But then when Chris Hamrick showed up and did what he did and the whole show came together. We didn’t need those big names. I just didn’t want the public to think we fooled them. Now we have proven to the public that we can do it and we will put on an awesome show.”- Robin Myers-owner of SPW discussing the no-shows at SPW Uprising

The top movie at the box office over the weekend was Thor and in second place was Fast Five (falling from number one the week before) – Fast Five featured Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The number one book on the Non-Fiction top 10 according to Publisher’s Weekly is SNL alum Tina Fey’s collection of essays Bossypants.


May 15, 2011

Nostalgia moment- I finally found video on you tube for the game Konami Main Event – a quarter cruncher I used to play for hours in the late 80s at a 24 hour store.

Very good Smackdown this week- featuring a solid match between Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan – the match also teased either Chavo Guerrero managing or fueding with Sin Cara- either way it will lead to some good matches. The best news of the day – was finding out that UFC is now insuring their fighters for injuries- congrats to UFC and Dana White for taking this step.


“Raw is a pleasant surprise. I quit watching it because I thought they had lost their way. But it seems like Vince has steered the company towards wrestlers. I don’t like the fact that they seem to clone the body types, they don’t have any fat people. Everybody looks like a Greek Statue. That’s the only criticism I have.” –Jerry Jarrett’s thoughts on WWE May 15, 2011


. The most pleasant surprise of the week was the best TNA in awhile- so much so – they have changed the name to IMPACT WRESTLING- hopefully this is not a mirage in a desert of Russofiction- but for the moment it was nice seeing the  debut of Chyna in the company and the returns of Chris Harris and Mick Foley.




“I fought this when I was still actively involved. I thought that we recruited far too many former WCW and WWE talents. I would sit down at meetings before the Carters came in and a lot more after the Carters came in and I‘d said “Look Vince McMahon is a smart man. If he gets rid of somebody, it’s because he thinks they are used up as far as box office. I know Vince, I’ve lived with Vince. Vince does not do anything because of personal feelings. All of his decisions are based on what’s best for WWE. So not only from a point of perception we look like we are recruiting Vince McMahon’s leftovers and we are. They have gone from what I thought was too much to ten times what they were doing when I was there. They’ve lost their way. I’m not sure the people in the creative end of TNA’s management structure know how to get back on track or even would recognize it if somebody else told them. Its public knowledge, I’ve talked enough about Vince Russo. I think he’s terrible for the business. I think as long as he has a hand even in the creative, I don’t think they will make progress.” –Jerry Jarrett May 15 ,2011 talking about TNA




MVP wins a 3 day tournament to become the first IWGP Intercontinental Champion in Philadelphia.



May 18, 2011

Now WWE is requiring their signed talent to have medical insurance- but is not providing it for them- now – if they got a group rate- it might work out better for everybody- this is a step in the right direction- regarding insurance coverage- but I imagine this will make it even harder for the lower card talents to save money or get ahead.


The governator (apparently that is not a word according to my spellcheck) Arnold Schwarzneggar is mired in scandal after it is discovered he has a love child with his maid.


Pumping Iron- interesting look at something I am not that interested in- bodybuilding- basically we get the run up to Arnold Schwarzenegger 's last competition for Mr. Olympia(his 6th in a row) his competitor is none other than Lou Ferrigno ( The Incredible Hulk from the iconic TV series). The movie has some very quotable stuff- sadly it is revealed  in the special features - this is a docudrama- not a documentary and Arnold confesses that he fabricated most of the storyline and he did that to make the movie more interesting- oh well. The Rock is included on the special features imitating Arnold. There is nothing like watching the future governor of California lying to the camera to promote his product.  B-




May 19, 2011


“The TNA show you just can’t even watch it- it’s so pitiful – you can’t even watch it. To Vince’s credit now- he is spending so much money in production with the pyro and the lights and the wire and all that – he’s forcing you by the tickets by those kinds of things he’s doing.” Dickie Steinborn ( a great promoter from the Florida era way back when) told me as a kid- I was down there living with my brother Ken for the summer- as long as that marquee says wrestling you have to do some. I just think that is a very true statement.” Johnny Mantell May 2011




Is the TNA re-branding good- well- I won’t be embarrassed to order their PPV’s anymore- imagine my horror when speaking with a female operator and complaining about not getting my Hardcore Justice from TNA. I am usually fine with everything- but that just felt like I was upset about not getting my pornography.

With TNA with changing the name of the show to iMPACT WRESTLING - they also changed it in the listing- so I had to update my setting on the DVr- this abrupt change may throw off the casual fan or the busy fan who may expect the show to be recorded but did not adjust their recording device. Impact Wrestling kicked the night off – with promos- that led in short order to Immortal attacking the X-Division competitors and getting the upper hand until Fortune came out to make the save. The highlight of the show was Ken Anderson dressing like Surfer Sting and attacking Crow Sting at the end of the show- it was a great visual and reminded of when Jeff Jarrett did the same trick in Australia about 10 years ago on a WCW program.


“If Vince is Coca Cola- you can not try to compete against him and be Pepsi, you got to be 7-up -you got to be the UN-cola – you got to be completely different because you don’t have the money to match his fireworks and all the production that he does – you got to be something completely different. I think that’s what going to have to happen to make this thing turn around.” – Johnny Mantell April 2011





Friday May 20,2011


RIP – Randy “Macho” Man Savage- according to reports from TMZ online( and later confirmed by WWE.COM and broadcast on HLN)- Savage passed away due to a heart attack while driving. No matter how I put this- I will understate his impact on the world of professional wrestling. He was the ultimate performer mixing in–ring skill with amazing promos and a larger than life persona. From his unforgettable entrance to his lovely manager Miss Elizabeth- Randy “Macho Man” Savage personified the perfect mix of classic wrestling acumen and showmanship. His promos were instantly quotable and he backed that up in the ring with matches that consistently stole the show. From the biggest stage (his match at Wrestlemania III in front of 93,000 with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat  that is still cited by many as the best match in the history of Wrestlemania) to his early work before the WWF- his high octane offense was something to behold. From the Mega-Powers to the Match Made in Heaven his character developed into one of the most beloved wrestlers in WWF history. In WCW his feud with Diamond Dallas Page helped elevate DDP to the next level. In another memorable cameo – Randy Savage portrayed Bonesaw in one the biggest movies of all time Spiderman- and he managed to steal the scene once again. I know I am missing memorable moments- but I know that most people reading this are filling them in and doing it better justice than my words. Often imitated( I know most people reading this have said “Oh Yeah” “Dig It” or Slap into a Slim Jim “ copying his signature vocal style) – Savage will never be duplicated. Thank you for the memories.


     What follows is pure speculation and probably the kind of journalism I usually despise. I did not know Savage- I have spoken to a former partner of his George Frankenstein and former opponents like George “ The Animal” Steele. I have not always heard the most flattering things about Savage the person- but I do recall vividly the pictures from his wedding from just over a year ago- he looked a joyful man who had finally found peace and the right person to accompany him on his journey. In the past year Savage actually made a promotional video for a WWE video game( after years of estrangement) and with the WWE having Wrestlemania in Florida, the assumption was that he was going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. He was a true influence in wrestling and his popularity and presence transcended the mat game. Savage will be missed by his legions of fans.


The influence and impact that Randy Savage made on the wrestling industry can not be over-stated.


“Growing up I always wanted to be Macho Man Randy Savage. I was totally drawn to him. As a child I would jump off the fire hydrant and do an elbow drop onto the concrete and I actually hurt myself one time doing that, obviously I was being an idiot. I always wanted to be like him.”- Jamin Olivencia



Macho Madness The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection

2009 WWE

Excellent 3 disc collection of matches and memories hosted by Matt Striker and Maria. There is no documentary section for this DVD- but it is well worth having.

The DVD covers matches from Savage’s WWF and WCW career- but does not cover his wrestling before his WWF run or anything after WCW. The extras include several great promos and segments (including the match made in heaven marriage to Miss Elizabeth) during his heyday. This is truly an essential addition to any wrestling library.  A+





“I wrestled Randy at a TV taping in San Diego @ the Sports Arena. I’ll tell you a funny story- I was scared to death. I mean I had a good match with Randy and I was real happy with it. It was the only TV time that I ever wrestled Randy. I came back through the curtain last because I lost in the ring and I was selling all the back thru the crowd down the aisle. As soon as I walked thru this big curtain Randy was standing right there and he points at me and he goes “You, come here I want to talk to you.”  I’m like uh-oh what’s going on. Randy and Elizabeth had their own private dressing room in this building that no-one else used whenever they were there. He comes in and he says “shut the door”. And I shut the door and Elizabeth is standing there and I’m thinking surely to god he’s not going to kick my ass right here in front of her. He sticks his hand out and says “I just want to thank you for having a good match and not being afraid of me out there and my character – you sold for me but you took me down.” Because I gave him some amateur takedowns and he went with it unlike some other people I worked with that would never put themselves in a position to look bad in the ring during on a TV taping. They wanted you to be a jobber One Thousand Percent! Randy was just the opposite. He was old school he figured who am I beating is this guy can’t do anything against me- I’m not beating anybody. I might as well take a 10 year old out of the crowd and slapped them and bit them. Randy loved the fact that I had the guts to just take him down- but it was just part of the match to me. I was just working with him doing hold to hold and I got behind him and took him down and did a couple of armdrags in the front and everything. And he loved it. He was so cool.” – Big Bill Anderson talking about working with Randy Savage RWR May 29, 2011



Terry Taylor was fired from his position as Head of Talent Relations by TNA.


Saturday May 21,2011

The press is still covering the death of Macho Man- last night Randy Savage was the number four trending topic on yahoo. The story was the lead on On Headline News they showed footage from a TNA event with an interview with TNA president Jeff Jarrett. One odd thing about the coverage- they kept stating he started his wrestling career in 1985- well that was when he went to the WWF- but he had been wrestling for a long time before that. Last night’s pre-taped Smackdown made no mention of his death- but the show was taped on Tuesday. It was another good episode   building to Christian trying to regain the title from Randy Orton and Chavo setting up his match with Sin Cara at Over the Limit. The highlight of the show was Cody Rhodes putting a paper bag on Ted Dibiase,Jr and the Corpus Christi interview..

   The final segment of AAA Lucha Libre television featured Jeff Jarrett going thru the TNA locker-room and recruiting faces and heels for an invasion into Mexico.

 I needed to decompress and escape the wrestling bubble so I went to the Norva and saw Clutch play- my first time seeing them since the 90s- they were tight as usual and they played “Animal Farm” – a personal favorite. During the first part of the show – I was on the balcony- and it was weird –during the break- almost half of the crowd had their phones open and were texting or taking pictures or on the phone- just seems that even in the middle of a packed crowd- people rather interact online than to people right in front of them.


ROH Ring of Honor Wrestling Supercard of Honor VI Chicago Ridge Illinois


On the heels of the announcement of the sale of the company to Sinclair Broadcasting group this event featured several quality matches. The best grappling contest took place between Shelton Benjamin and Claudio Castagnoli and featured some truly painful looking moments when Claudio focused on Shelton’s fingers. Shelton won the match after being grounded for the duration. Davey Richards and Charlie Haas had a superb back and forth battle with Richards prevailing in the end. The most intense match was the Chicago street fight between the ultra macho redneck duo of Jay and Mark Briscoe as they took on Rhett Titus and Kenny King in a hardcore match that had blood, chairs, ladders and aggression to spare. This was a solid card with some interesting moments- but probably will get lost over time. The DVD had 4 extra sections including 2 Video Wires. My favorite promo featured the Bravado Brothers on a porch swing whining over a concussion they had received during the event. A solid lineup (including Homicide, Christopher Daniels and El Generico)  and action made this worth watching once- but not something I would seek out again.  B-




Sunday May 22,2011


WWE Over The Limit

This pay per view event took place in Seattle so we got to see stock footage of fish tossing and Safeco Field. I arrived in time for the opening promo from R-Truth he complained about his parking and walking in the rain and called the crowd something like stankfield hippies and told little Johnny to shut up. Truth beat Rey Misterio, Jr and then proceeded to hit him with a plastic bottle of water. This was followed by a Miz promo and then Wade Barrett retaining the IC strap via DQ after Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel interfered. Josh Matthews messed up a cliché and said something about “a lion in lion’s clothing”.Someone in the crowd had a sign that read  “I Like Cheese”.

  C.M. Punk and Mason Ryan are walking and talking and find the rest of the new Nexus (Otunga and Mcgillicuty) sprawled out in the dressing room. Punk seems apathetic about the plight  of his companions and tells them to “walk it off”..

  Sin Cara beat Chavo in a rather disappointing match. I wish that WWE would import Aerostar and we could watch Aerostar and Sin Cara bounce around- but I know that will never happen. Alberto Del Rio comes in and cuts a promo until the Big Show and Kane intimidate him into leaving the ring. Big Show and Kane retain their belts against Punk and Mason Ryan in another middling affair.

  Then Booker T had a weird dream about a doctored Barrack Obama press conference that was supposed to entice me into buying their new PPV Capital Punishment- it was a really lame attempt.

   Twin magic helped the Bella Twins beat Kelly squared- they mentioned Kharma but she did not show up.

   The match of the night was Randy Orton defending his championship against Christian. The crowd at the event and the gathering at Buffalo Wild Wings seemed to want Christian to win- and after a close back and forth match- Randy Orton retained the strap with an RKO.

     Ding dong the witch is dead- or maybe- Michael Cole lost the kiss my foot match to Jerry Lawler and then as Joey and I predicted for Mania – several folks slighted by Cole got some measure of revenge. Eve Torres came out and did a moonsault on Cole, and then Jim Ross came out and poured BBQ sauce on Cole- this was followed by Bret “The Hitman” Hart slapping a sharpshooter on Cole while he was made to kiss and suck Jerry Lawler’s toes- an image I want to unsee- the upside was a Bring Back Doink sign during that segment.

  The main event was some weird torture session where the Miz and Alex Riley destroyed John Cena with straps, stairs,a kendo stick and the microphone. Cena would not quick –he just made jokes and looked constipated.

  After several minutes of heel dominance and a false finish utilizing a clip of Cena yelling I quit- the zebra restarted the match. After almost 20 minutes of abuse – Cena used the old duck-down when being restrained by a heel tag team to get to run roughshod on the villains – after Cena chases Miz up the ramp wile whipping him- he puts on the STFU and Miz quits really quick.

   Not even 60 days after a standing room only packed room for the recent Wrestlemania- the place was barely a quarter full.

  I did not mind watching the event while eating dinner- but this is not something worth seeing again or buying on DVD or blu-ray. Garnering a buyrate of 140,000 this forgettable PPV was another example of the glut of product that WWE offers.



“They’re competing with themselves by doing that. Because people are going to make a choice- people aren’t going to watch both. They’re going to say I’m either going to watch this one or that one. They’re not going to watch both and that is why it is foolish.”- The Angel Orsini talking about 2 WWE PPVs in May of 2011



The big news of the day is the purchase of Ring of Honor by Sinclair Broadcasting – the fall out from this move is yet to be determined- but at least ROH has some sort of avenue get their product out their after their parting ways with HDNET.








Monday May 23rd

After being The Miz’s apprentice and associate and NXT trainee Alex Riley gets tired of being yelled at by his mentor and attacks him on Monday Night Raw. He beats the tar out of the Miz and the crowd eats it up. This appears to be a watershed moment for the former NXT contestant Alex Riley. Oddly the moment reminds of when Ted DiBiase had the chance to turn on Randy Orton when Orton got overly demanding with Legacy. The crowd wanted Dibiase to grow a set and attack Orton – the crowd was so hot at that moment. Instead Ted Jr backed down and when Legacy finally dissolved the only person over at that time was Randy Orton. It took Cody Rhodes being dashing and then disfigured to break out from the pack. However Ted DiBiase failed even with being in the Marine 2 and a short lived pairing with Maryse.


Thursday May 25, 2011

After 25 years the last episode of The Oprah Winfrey is broadcast. Over 16 million people tuned in for the swansong.



Friday May 27, 2011

“I wrote a piece stating the tag match was the best match I’ve seen in my life. I’ve got some of these old friends from 30 and 40 years ago be like “how can you say that, it’s nothing but high spots.” No it wasn’t. It was Akira Tozawa and El Generico versus Ricochet and Kevin Steen. Those 4 are always great anyways. This match was off the charts. They just blew the roof off the place. I can’t wait to get the video because I want to watch it again. The fans just went berserk. It even bought Tozawa to tears and he thanked everybody.” – Tom Hankins discussing the tag match from PWG All Star Weekend Night One in LA


Music Legend Gil Scott-Heron passed away. Before the era of hip-hop his blend of jazz and spoken word was a breath of fresh air in the era of paneling on the side of stationwagons and AOR on the radio. His songs “B-Movie” and “The Revolution Will Not be Televised” are classic cuts that riveted me the first time I heard them and will always be on my personal playlist.


Another solid Smackdown this week highlighted by a good match between Daniel Bryan and the Bagmaster Cody Rhodes. Stone Cold Steve Austin was on the Jimmy Fallon show last night for a quick interview hyping up Tough Enough. The current season of Tough Enough is rapidly coming to a close. I have enjoyed the season- especially the bottom three segment each week when Stone Cold cuts promos on the final 3 and weeds out the weak. This week he had me laughing as he serenaded Silent Rage to the tune of the Christmas song. Impact Wrestling had some decent action this week also- and it was great seeing ODB return and having her inserted into an angle with Velvet Sky right off the bat. The weird moment of the week in wrestling was Kharma breaking down and crying in the ring. This was later explained by online dirtsheets claiming that she is pregnant- WWE followed up the angle by promising a promo from Kharma –who has yet to speak in WWE and as Kong she only spoke a sentence or three to the best of my knowledge during her run in TNA.

Saturday May 28, 2011

Announcer and member of the Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame Milt Avruskin passed away at the age of 64.

Sunday May 29,2011

 Yet another anti-monthly PPV rant. I just finished watching the Indy 500- with an amazing last lap win by Dan Wheldon- I saw the entire event for free. The same goes for the NBA finals coming up and the Super Bowl and sunrise at the ocean and – anyhow- with all these free major events- why would I fork over the amount of one X-Box game to see a rehashed shuffling of the WWE or TNA deck- why? The PPV model is an anachronism and eventually it will collapse – sure the WWE managed to squeeze one million buys out of the Rock and Snooki for Mania – but following up with 2 more PPV events in less than 60 days astounds me.

  Also the internet age has led to wrestling legends taking to the virtual airwaves to cut promos(shoot?) on each other- today I just watched  Warrior slag Hogan for something stated in a sit-down on youtube. The pure absurdity of it all- I just imagine Captain Redneck taking to twitter to cut a promo on Wahoo- sure kayfabe is dead- but do we really need it trampled into the dirt every single day.


“The product is generally overexposed ,it’s over saturated and in my view it’s actually wildly over-priced There is no reason a WWE PPV and again let me be very clear – I put HHH in Blade 3 , I like him very much, I know Stephanie , I like her very much, I have a  lot of friends that work at that company. I’m looking at this from a business level

It is insane that (WWE PPV) Over The Limit is the same cost as LA Noire (video game), from a dollar to value ratio that is out of whack. The cost of a WWE PPV is more than the cost of multiple monthly Netflix subscriptions- for 3 hours of  PPV entertainment versus thousands of hours of entertainment including WWE product- that is an unsustainable Dollar to value proposition in my view- the model itself has to be reconsidered in a lot of ways” –Jeff Katz on RWR 5/25/2011



Tuesday May 31, 2011 Raw Thoughts

Good ole technical difficulties actually made the first segment of Monday Night Raw surreal and more entertaining with the sonic delay-I guess Little Jimmy was in charge of sound. The emotional highlight of the evening occurred when Kharma(Awesome Kong) came out and cut the first extended promo of her career – talking about her dreams and disclosing her pregnancy- I think she will be the hero of the average female when she comes back- now it is the job of the WWE to build up some credible opponents for her. Kudos to Jack Swagger for taking the pushup to new heights – during his match instead of doing the Big Poppa Pump move of doing a pushup while fighting a smaller foe- Swagger did the pushup while using a prone Evan Borne as his prop.


“I was told that Vince has 20 writers, TNA has all these writers. Back in my day there was one booker and that booker would normally meet with the territory owner or a group of people one day a week – they would get their ideas and thoughts together and they would book for six to eight weeks and have it done. Now we have an army of them and it seems like they are more interested in entertaining themselves. Let’s be serious – let’s hit the front side of our elbow, and underneath our wrist and make a bird-shape playing cartoons on a wall with a light- and beat somebody with it- I mean COME ON – PLEASE!” – Johnny Mantell discussing creative and the Cobra finishing move by the very popular WWE superstar Santino Marella  May 2011



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