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Wrestling in June of 2011

Wednesday June 1, 2011

Well after Chyna denied it existed- Vivid video released the trailer for Backdoor to Chyna. Well she has gone the full monty before- but this time she has really embraced the porn( girl,girl,anal and more)-is this wrestling related- who knows- but that is the buzz on the net today- well that and Shaq retiring- I think Shaq would be a good one event attraction for WWE if they have the right storyline.


Thursday June 2, 2011

I just finished watching one terrible chat show interview with Alicia Fox on the Monique Show on BET. I am not the target demo for the show nor am I a fan of Fox- but I was morbidly curious about how she would do on a talk show. It was like watching paint dry and it seemed like the studio audience were apathetic as well. At least when her sister was pointing at a McDonalds on her tour guide excursion on Tough Enough I was able to watch Bill DeMott’s reactions. In a bit of irony- I found that the horrific McMahon DVD was randomly placed next to my King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett set.


I just finished watching Impact Wrestling (DVr is a nice thing). This week the program starts off with ODB and Velvet Sky brawling backstage to the ring- I am very happy to see ODB featured as she is a unique talent who portrays a tough character and an outsized personality. Ken Anderson continues the Sting charade when he convinces EY to portray the Not So Great Muta- well it was a self-fulfilling prophesy as the match was “not so great”. For some reason the Jarrett and Angle feud continues- this week they tried to elicit sympathy for Karen as she left the impact zone in an ambulance- I still don’t care.




  Friday June 3 , 2011

 WWE Smackdown was the Christian show- I am fine with that- I am also happy he turned heel- Christian is great when he plays the bad guy- also Cody Rhodes cut another great promo- I really like the grotesque direction he has veered into with bagmen and the mask.


James Arness who portrayed Marshall Dillon on the long running cowpoke show Gunsmoke passed away at the age of 88.



Saturday June 4, 2011 VCW Paws for A Cause 2011


Sometimes life is all about timing. Tonight I decided to call Luke Gallows- and I got him on the phone. Turns out he was heading to the same show I was going to-so I got to set up an interview and meet the guy later in the night.

 At first we (my friend Mike and I) thought it was a great turnout as we went into a room with loud music and a huge crowd- then we realized it was not wrestling but a wedding reception- when we found the gym- we found local wrestler Phil Brown at the door – talking on a phone swatting at a bug- and then we went into the event.

   To say the VCW show at the Pius X Catholic facility was lightly attended – is being nice- the small but vocal crowd seemed to have fun as mostly local talent wrestled several short and quick matches .One of the undercard tagteams looked like a couple of orphans- too young and under-nourished. The main storyline of the night was a power change after the tag champions the Set lost their match to the Texas Hangmen – who unmasked after the card and revealed they were the Hall*Stars. The other big surprise was Luke Gallows inserting himself into the title picture. I also got to meet Gremlina from GLOW who is now the commissioner of VCW and found some good shoots at the gimmick table.

Not my favorite indie show- but something I will forget by the end of the year- heck probably by the end of the summer- if not for these 2 paragraphs.


The NBA Finals game 2 between the Mavs and the Heat is the number one television program in the US according to Neilsen Media Research for the week.



Tuesday June 7, 2011

Today was Nitro day- as I went to FYE to grab the DVD The Very Best of WCW with the FYE exclusive content. The bonus section is 3 segments featuring DDP- not terrible- but not something to spill milk over. Overall there were plenty of missed moments on the DVD- but it is still an essential part of any grappling collection.


    I am still annoyed with the finale to the finale of last night’s Tough Enough. The entire show seemed to be building to an in-ring showcase of the 2 finalists against Bill DeMott.

“Well no offence to Andy or any other contestants but I see lower mid card on all of them, however unlike past seasons the show`s main focus was on the actual training. DeMott was a hard nosed trainer more interested in training than being a friend like Al Snow did. Booker and Trish were nice additions and enjoyed Austin ripping the three weak links every week. Hopefully Tough Enough can keep this format”- Darren Elvis Holland discussing TE 2011


Instead – we get an insipid music montage like either someone had passed away or it was the flipping Olympics- either way it was a huge letdown.

“The winner looked like a big clone of Edge –he doesn’t have a personality- he looks like a stumbling idiot. I would have picked the other guy- Luke.”- Rob Fury

Of the entire crew that showed up in Richmond – only MMA Jeramiah got a good reaction from the live crowd. Also it seemed to me that Silent Rage(Andy Leavine) did not sell the Stunner long enough nor with any conviction and worse he shook hands with SCSA after getting stunned- staying silent and showing no rage- arrgh.


“Unfortunately, I only saw a few clips from tough enough. But personally, I think Luke or Matt should have won. I really have no time for Andy Leavine.” – Luke Carnage




 Also we are being subjected to a 3 hour Raw next week- an All-Star show with both brands- hopefully the divas will do a 3 point challenge and Hornswoggle will be doing some dunking. I would like to see Mark Henry and Big Zeke in a Home Run contest.




Wednesday June 8, 2011

INTERNET TUFF GUY – The Warrior? – the modern age has taken hidden grudges and made them fodder for YouTube. Honestly the best promo package I have seen in awhile- but Hogan was not impressed and has already set in motion a legal response to Warrior’s proposed June shoot interview on Hogan that Warrior has been promoting.

  For a brief moment I was excited – I thought Galavision was going to carry AAA and CMLL as I saw an advertisement for CMLL during a AAA show- then I realized the CMLL is replacing AAA on that channel- now I have to find out what happened to AAA- this is one of those times I wish I was fluent in Spanish- they probably announced what happened during the show and I simply missed it- now I have to search for the AAA product- especially with the TNA invasion coming at Triplemania.

  While flipping channels this week I heard a familiar voice- Randy Savage – on a funny episode of King of the Hill called Bill, Bulk and the Body Buddies. Bill( the Cajun Army barber on the show) needs to pass his Army physical and bumps into a bodybuilder at a supplement store. The bodybuilders start training Bill. One of the bodybuilders is voiced by Savage- this episode aired in 2007 but has yet to come out on DVD- but is available on Netflix streaming currently.






Thursday June 9, 2011

Start the day reading false rumors about HHH in a car crash. Now Rima from Tough Enough has irritated pageant officials because she snuck out of her room to party- OMG- alert the media- oh wait – the blipping media alerted me- actually I am probably wasting space since the article did not mention her involvement with Tough Enough or WWE at all. Tonight is game 5 of the NBA finals- I have no idea what is going on with Impact Wrestling- I will watch it in the next day or 2- praise be for the DVr.




Friday June 10,2011

Yet another excellent finish to the Mavs/Heat game last night. I am watching impact wrestling via tape delay- one major difference between WWE and Impact Wrestling- divas usually mean fast forward or kitchen trip and I really like the current group of knockouts-excellent tag match between Winter and Angellina versus Tara and Mickie James. My only problem is- when did Tara and Mickie become chums? I really don’t remember. ODB and Velvet Sky also had a good match. The show ended with Sting attacking Ken Anderson and putting him in a sleeper after painting his face.

   Cliché Curtis struck again- this time eating the chip on his shoulder. Bagman Rhodes continues to impress with his promo ability. Besides Christian denouncing Peep Nation, there was not much memorable about Smackdown- unless you went live and saw Rosa Mendez have a wardrobe malfunction.

  Sadly this week WWE only added three items to classics on demand- and worse, one of them was part of the Shawn my Journey( good DVDs btw) set that I already own.

  Former NXT contestant Michael Tarver is released by the WWE.




Sunday June 12, 2011

Tonight was a TNA PPV- I skipped it- have not read any spoilers- instead I had friends over to watch game 6 of the NBA finals. Why did I watch the hoops finale instead of TNA- well the Heat had the better heel- LeBron James- after the decision – I simply wanted him to not win the championship., I was very apathetic about the TNA PPV- regardless of how many times Ken Anderson dressed up as Sting. Mr. Anderson did capture the TNA Heavyweight strap from Sting at the Slammiversary PPV



Monday June 13, 2011

I admit I was dreading a 3 hour Raw- and I admit I watched the show on DVr since I did not have company over. I enjoyed the event- Stone Cold Steve Austin was the special GM and delivered more than usual with great segments featuring the Miz and CM Punk. Regardless I am annoyed that WWE has already carved out another 3 hour block next week for a Power to The People show- wonder how fixed the voting will be?


The top movie at the box office is Super 8.





Tuesday June 14, 2011

I just finished watching the Basketball Fix(very skippable and typical movie)- a 1950s movie about a kid who was point-shaving featuring John Ireland. So many sports movies- especially boxing are about fixed bouts or scandalous circumstance and I think – and I may be way off base about this that for some reason the general public still holds a grudge against wrestling for having pre-determined results- and a lot of that comes from the point fixing scandals of the past.

  Once again the net has spoiled a TNA surprise- or rather I clicked and found out that Austin Aires was on the TNA TV Taping- I am happy since he is very entertaining- but upset that I ruined the surprise for myself.





Wednesday June 15, 2011

The 7th game of the Stanley Cup finals is tonight- going over to a friend’s house to watch(the game turned into a route-oh well-congrats Bruins). I was attempting to read Chyna’s book- If They Only Knew – but was annoyed by the cutesy tone of it- it felt like over-compensation to remind the reader that she is indeed a female- of course now we can see her feminine parts get double-stuffed and caressed by other females courtesy of Vivid. That endeavor has been interrupted by the release of 2 books based on Minneapolis musicians- one about Prince and another written by Bob Mould of Husker Du fame. Bob Mould also worked in WCW as a writer near the end of the company and has a chapter or two about that experience in his autobiography.
At this very moment I am stuffed from an excellent pastrami sandwich from Jay’s Deli and think it is time for some relaxation while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops.

 Rejection comes in so many forms- today I was told by a trainer/grappler that their participation in the project would be moot since they did not see either The Wrestler or Tough Enough – ironically- the questions about those subjects I had just added to the questionnaire moments before I sent it to the moot-man-oh well. MOOT indeed. But I prefer that or even a request to get paid over someone saying yes and then never getting back to me or setting up a time or way to communicate- once again I want to thank everyone that helped out with this project- it is greatly appreciated.

  If you like indie matches and seeing stars before they were famous or after their runs at the top – the superb Ringside Rumbles Volume 1 DVD from RF is well worth picking up.



Thursday June 16, 2011

Well I guess hockey still matters enough to Canadians as Vancouver decided to riot after loosing game 7 – yeah, yeah I know – I am sure it was a select few , a unique cadre of fools who used this as an excuse to 5 finger discount and overturn compact cars. I love sports- I have since I was 5 when I first got into football, followed by baseball and basketball- hockey was an acquired taste that occurred after I got a sega genesis and played hockey video games , but  I have never rioted or been privy to a sports riot- although I did go to Chapel Hill one year to see if one would occur after UNC won March Madness- it did not. Err wrestling tie-in- someone carted a sign to Raw that said Ryder or Riot on Monday. Currently the DVr that I record most wrestling shows on – is acting weird – guess I have to sit on hold with Cox today so I can watch Impact Wrestling.

  Luckily I got thru to Cox and got things fixed. Apparently Wrestling does matter on the new Impact Wrestling – as we had a great X-Division alumni match with Austin Aires versus Jimmy Rave versus Kid Kash. Also the return of Miss Jackie and a solid television match between Samoa Joe and RVD- was it the 5 star classic I dreamed of 3 years ago when we wanted RVD to go to TNA- but still the best showing by Samoa Joe in quite some time. Another compelling segment in the show was Sting chewing up the scenery while chewing out Hulk Hogan. All in all the best Impact I have seen since last year. I admit I am tempted by an all X-Division PPV.



Friday June 17, 2011

The WWE production team is top notch- the video segment with R-truth was aces- I know I am a mark- even though I am rooting for R-Truth for “work-shoot” reasons- or Christian- I am still invested enough to actually root for folks. I really like both heel turns and although I doubt either will lead to championship gold- it is entertaining. The one ray of hope – is that Sheamus gets his heat back by getting revenge on Orton for the punt at the end of Smackdown.

   Of course the real entertainment today was provided by Warrior and his hour long rant about the Hulkster- well more of a social car-crash than entertainment- but I kept watching and I was never a little warrior.


Saturday June 18, 2011

I am going to my first SPW TV taping tonight, after going to a housewarming party – and tomorrow is Capital Punishment- I had toyed with the idea of visiting family in Suburban Maryland and attending the event live- but financial momentum stood in the way- so instead of a reunion in Silver Spring and taking the red line to the Metro Center – it will be teriyaki wings in a strip maul as I take in the father’s day offering by WWE tomorrow night.

  The SPW taping was in a storage space- well the area is called the Birdneck Business center- but it feels like  a band rehearsal spot in a storage lot- the show is standing room only- and it is hot- stanky hot- the crowd seems to have fun- I only caught 3 matches( I went to a housewarming party and played my first round of Cornholing –then went to Doumars in Norfolk(home of the first Ice-Cream Cone Machine) for some old school drive-in food-so yep I was late) - so I can’t say more than it was Standing Room Only and hot and the crowd was still into it during the last 3 matches. After the show – the 4th wall completely melts away as spectators and performers hang out and talk wrestling and local wrestling politics and memories for a good 30 minutes after the show.



AAA Triplemania

The event kicks off with an 8 senoritas match that includes Sexy Starr, Faby Apache, Mickie James and the Beautiful People- featuring a ton of action and topped off with a kiss by Mickie James onto the lips of Faby Apache before the climatic DDT-Mickie James captures the win. Octagon is placed into the AAA Hall of Fame. Up next is a ladder/tables and chairs match that is won by the guy with the best entrance music Electroshock ( his theme is “Du Hast” by Rammstien). This match also includes the first spot with a standup bass that I have seen. Jack Evans wins a cage match over Mr. Anderson , Abyss and Extreme Tiger. Jeff Jarrett won the AAA World Heavyweight Championship by defeating El Zorro to become the first American to hold that title. The emotional highlight of the event was the mask versus hair between LA Park and El Mesias. LA Park retained his mask and helped shave El Mesais after a brutal back and forth battle. Dr. Wagner won the AAA Latin American title by defeating RVD. Overall it was a decent event- but nothing worth seeking out if you have issues with tolerating other languages while watching wrestling or just don’t like the lucha style.


Clarence Clemmons passed away. The big man in the E-Street Band was an important member of the Bruce Springsteen’s live band. I only saw the E-Street Band live one time- I was over an hour late and still saw an amazing 2 hour show. I promoted a show with Clarence in the Norfolk area- it was a bust- I truly don’t recall meeting Clarence- just the financial particulars for an underperforming show- sad now that I missed out on enjoying the show because of some money- I mean I truly don’t remember the show at all. I do however remember his lovely singing solo “If I Should Fall Behind” when the E-Street Band performed the song years later- the difference- it was not my show- I was there as an audience member.


Sunday June 19, 2011

Started the day out retro after CMLL was replaced on my Tivo by soccer-oh well. So I watched a friend’s tape that had Smackdown and Thunder from early 2000- WCW already was in it’s downward spiral- as we had the Old Age Outlaws(Terry Funk,Paul Orndorff,etc.) watching a monitor as the n.W.o. silver tortured the Hitman. WWF was tolerable in the lead up to Royal Rumble 2000- but nothing that I felt like saving. Mongo Wrestling Alliance returned to Adult Swim last night for another 15 minutes of twisted mayhem- in this episode Rusty tries to date a ballerina and then goes all Tonya Harding on her competitors-silly fun- but the first episode with little to no animated in ring action.




WWE Capital Punishment ONE(& DONE??) from THE MCI Center in Washington,DC

 The WWE PPV is coming from the venue I saw Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band in 1999- - R.I.P to Clarence Clemmons who passed away this week.

  The Event starts off a set piece that is supposed to look like the capital building-except it has tons of fireworks. The United States title changes hands in the opening match as Vikki Guerrero scratches the eyes of  Kofi Kingston long enough for Dolph Ziggler to sloppily apply the sleeper hold and get the win. R-Truth is talking to his former get drunk dancing partner Eve Torres backstage and she exclaims “She does not even know him anymore” – he walks away from her and tells her to “Be gone”.

    The co-main eventer of Mania is interviewed next- the Miz promo leads to a video package of the Miz/Rielly bromance and breakup. Alex Riley manages to win- even after being distracted enough to attack Michael Cole- thank god he did- Cole’s cheerleading was abnormally obnoxious even for Cole. Wow the homeboy actually wins at home(A-Ri is from DC- like myself and Batista and Marvin Gaye,etc.)

   Then we got backstage to see Sgt. Slaughter and a fake Obama- Vikki sings “Happy Father’s Day “ to the non commander in chief –she is dragged away by secret service- yamn.

   To rub in 6 hours of WWE- they play an add for Raw’s Power to the People event for the next night.

    Mark Henry attacks Big Show before the Show/Del Rio match can start- Henry slams Big Show through the Spanish announce table. Big Show decides to wrestle anyway- but after a few minutes the referee stops the match due to TKO- stating the Big Show can not compete.

    R-truth shoves a photographer backstage and that segment is followed by an add for the WCW Nitro DVD. Wade Barrett ambles to the ring while ranting about American political problems in the most broad way possible- he still manages to elicit some USA chants during his loosing struggle with Ezekial Jackson. Big Zeke wins the Intercontinental strap by making Wade tapout – after Zeke kicked out of Wasteland. For some reason Jerry Lawler enters the ring to ask Zeke about his win- I hate out of breath post match promos.

   The Be A Star anti-bullying spot runs next. Then more wacky comedy while the fake head of the executive state holds court with Beth Phoenix,Santino and Kelly Kelly. Santino is escorted away by Secret Service after showing the president the Cobra. I am waiting for some wacky Santino in Gitmo skits- holding my breath.

   CM Punk mentions that the District of Columbia is the birthplace of straight edge ( idealistic dogma was espoused by Ian Mckaye of Minor Threat and Fugazi from Dischord records based out of DC). A solid match occurs between him and Misterio- Punk wins after several false finishes. A Fan of Nexus then runs a lap around the half empty Buffalo Wild Wings- the guy behind me- is really mad- he reacts so strongly for the faces and seems to hate every bad guy-kayfabe is still alive. The flipside -a family of 6 that ambles in during the match and spend their time mocking the wrestling and covering their ears because of the din.

   Randy Orton keeps the World title after beating Christian- Christian’s foot was under the rope and I guess that could be the basis for another match. The match was ok- not as good as the month before- but ok.


  The ad for Money in the Bank is told as a fairy tale complete with drawings and the Big Show reading to Hornswoggle- so far WWE is hitting below the Mendoza Line when it comes to comedy for this event taking place in the nations’s capital.

    The Bella Twins escort Keith Stone to the ring- I have no idea who he is- nor do I care- at first I thought it was Cody Deaner- but I doubt it.

    A special attraction match was announced and the battle of  little man Evan Borne versus the Goliath like Jack Swagger, ended up with another Evan Borne win by fluke roll-up. The match was filler and even some regular wrestling fans started filing out.

 Another commercial for Raw is followed by WWE bombing for a grand slam- when after a torturous address from the faux Barrack – Booker T makes him do a Spin-A-Rooni – at least the fake leader of the free world prefers Jim Ross to Cole.

    A lame PPV ended with John Cena retaining the WWE belt after he beat R-Truth to finish up a forgettable event. In the end 170,000 homes suffered thru this turgid exercise in sports entertainment.       D



Monday June 20,2011

Six hours of WWE programming in two days- I feel like a masochist at this point- and I am a fan, a mark- I still cheer at times when watching – hey why not buy in and suspend some disbelief.

  WWE got interactive- with Yoko Ono or whoever owns the Lennon catalog at present as they presented Power to the People- a protest song from the seventies that is now used to swerve wrestling fans into texting votes for Raw.

   I can believe that wrestling fans voted for Kelly Kelly to wrestling a Bella twin for the butterfly belt- and she won and she cried- which was pretty unattractive looking- regardless of her placement in the Maximum hot 100(oh wait Maxim- sorry Booker).

   Things got really suspect when the WWE twitterverse voted the clumsy oaf  Mason Ryan( most say he looks like Batista – I think he looks like Bluto from the Popeye cartoons-specially when he has the five o’clock shadow) to face Evan Bourne instead of Sin Cara- which should be a dream match- two theories are out there- one is Sin Cara is so prone to botching – there is no way WWE will let him wrestle live- the other one is that the WWE universe are sadistic and wanted to see Bourne loose to this muscle bound clod- either way I was severely disappointed that Sin Cara was not in the match. I am always a fan of the cruiserweights and highflying action- after that point I was disconnected from the whole voting concept.

   C.M. Punk vowed to win the WWE championship and then leave the company after winning at the Money in the Bank PPV.


Ryan Dunn a member of the Jackass crew perished while driving a vehicle legally intoxicated.





Tuesday June 21, 2011

It is a good thing that Daniel Tosh or someone on his writing staff likes wrestling- they have done a couple of dedicated segments and last week they even had a bed wrestling segment and a Hacksaw joke. The reason I say good thing- is because 2 possible sources of wrestling humor have been cancelled – the Onion Sports Dome- a show I won’t miss- I prefer their Onion News Network show with Brooke Alavarez. I show I will miss is the Sports show with Norm McDonald – he was starting to develop a groove and I have always been a fan of his- he showed a couple of wrestling moments and I figured more was to come- oh well.

    We are taught that everything is disposable, I grew up with my mom’s 45s and albums- I was a cassette child and transitioned to records and CDs as a DJ and now I have an iPod-what is next.

    WWE is blaming technical difficulties for voting last night- especially Mason Ryan being inserted into a match against Evan Bourne instead of the size appropriate Sin Cara.

I can already see it- by popular demand on Smackdown-Bourne versus Sin Cara- at least I hope so.


Congressman Anthony Weiner is forced to resign from congress after admitting he sent suggestive photos of his crotch to a female follower on Twitter. Weinergate had captured the imagination of late night comedy shows for a week or two.


Wednesday June 22, 2011

Tonight’s break from wrestling came in the form of trivia night @ the Monarch Grill in Norfolk- situated right next to the Ted Constant Convocation Center- now the occasional home of wrestling and MMA events – the reason I mention it- is this- the food there is not worth purchasing- so if you are performing at the Ted or looking for an after event meal- this is not the place to go. Btw – we lost at trivia –after leading the first 3 rounds flawlessly- we fell behind like Danica Patrick at Indy or LeBron in the NBA finals. If you are the Norfolk area and looking for some good eats try The French Bakery on Granby Street for great sandwiches and baked goods or Orapax for authentic Greek food.


The following is about the many deaths in pro wrestling.


“I've been a fan for literally my entire life. Since then my favorite wrestlers, over the years, have been Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Texas Tornado, Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect, Crush, Razor Ramon, Big Boss Man, Rick Rude, Sting, Arn Anderson, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho, Owen Hart, Saturn, John Kronus, Eddie Guerrero, L.O.D., Ultimo Dragon, Brian Pillman, Dr. Death, Shawn Michaels, Kanyon, Tajiri, Rhino, Taz, Raven, Sabu, RVD, Mike Awesome, Lance Storm, Malice, Bam Bam Bigelow (the man who I was fortunate enough to get trained by), Test, Samoa Joe, Terry Gordy, Low Ki, Umaga (say something!) Jimmy Jacobs, Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuinness, Davey Richards & Prince Devitt.

20 of these men are dead. When Eddie Guerrero died it crushed me but I had to suck it up and deal. A year later Bam Bam died I was completely blown away, I won a contest, in a magazine, the prize was a training session with Bam Bam and he liked me enough to train me for a month for free. After that month was over he got me booked and helped me out in a lot of ways so this was a very sad moment for me. A month later Mike Awesome commited suicide this was pretty sad for me as I always saw him as somebody who could've been absolutely major if given the right opportunity. 4 months later Chris Benoit died and he was my favorite wrestler of all time I would be lying if I said that I wasn't hurt and crying when I got the news. The next month John Kronus died and I felt the same way about him that I felt about Mike Awesome. I still feel to this day that Kronus not only went too soon but he also showed up way too soon. He was a perfect fit for today's indy scene in America. The next month Crush died. The next year Test died followed by Umaga followed by Dr. Death Steve Williams. Umaga's career (as Umaga) was very short but he will always be one of my favorites. The next year Kanyon commited suicide. a few months later my favorite woman in the history of wrestling Luna Vachon died. Her death along with the death of "Sensational" Sherri Martel hit me in a different way since they were 2 of my favorite women along with Bull Nakano. And now only one remains. Mitsuharu Misawa... as much as it hurt me I must admit that I was happy to an extent because at least he died with his boots on in the center of the very squared circle that he had made a living in for over 20 years. There were several deaths since but none hit me like the death of Larry Sweeney. That man was without a doubt thee MOST old school personality in the last 10 years I could've seen him making tons of money in WWE managing people trying to get rid of the Cenation as Heenan had attempted to do with Hulkamania. Another sad loss. Then Macho Man Randy Savage died. I'm still not over it and I don't think I ever will be. He was, in my opinion, the best personality in wrestling history. A major, major, part of my childhood and life. The last time I cried that much I was about 7 years old and had found out that my grandpa was dying.

Looking back at this I wonder, is it even worth it? In a business where the heroes die early or fall victim to substance abuse is it worth investing your time, money and, for some people, your life into this thing? Being a true wrestling fan, to me, is just as painful as being a wrestler. The difference is that we don't (I did but no longer do) put our lives on the line to entertain them. I've heard of wrestling fans losing significant others due to their love for wrestling. I for one have told several hoes that they will never be as important to me as Eddie Guerrero. There is nothing that makes me more excited than anticipating a good match. sitting here at my laptop waiting for a video to load and thinking "Goddamn I can't wait" but then a hero dies and my soul is crushed, my heart is broken and my shirt is f**king soaked.”


-Roberto “Lurch” Rodriguez  June 22 , 2011







Thursday June 23, 2011

 Started the day off with sports nostalgia – first I watched a sit-down interview with Elvin Hayes- the Big E from the Washington Bullets, after that I watched a sports century recap of one of the best football games I have seen in my life- the Chargers versus the Dolphins overtime game – 41-38- the Kellen Winslow game.

   Wrestling has the ability to great memories that last decades- but so often they either screw things up or worse mess things up so bad that fans are irritated for years after due to a swerve that backfired. One time that WWE booked an arc that appealed to me was the build and culmination of the Chris Benoit title chase and win at Wrestlemania XX.

Many things killed WCW – I still believe Sting not beating Hulk Hogan decisively at Starrcade after chasing him for over a year and basically beating up the entire New World Order by himself for that span- needed a re-start to win the match and strap- still frustrating now-compound that with the finger-poke of doom and follow that up with the Russo change in content – WCW was doomed.

  One thing that makes tailoring the storyline to the audience difficult is that the audience never agrees on anything- want an argument- go to a wrestling chat room or message board- make one definitive statement and wait for someone to disagree- it will happen – then next thing you know it is a troll war. So WWE caters to the fans that spend the most- and well John Cena sells merch by the boatload and is the most recognized superstar in the business. Of course his detractors feel he is corny and he can’t wrestle and he is shoved down their throats.



Actor Peter Falk passed away, although best known for his role as Columbo, many wrestling fans recall his role as Harry Sears a wrestling manager for females in 1981’s All The Marbles a/k/a California Dolls. All the Marbles is currently available online from Warner Brothers if you special order the movie on DVD on demand. Peter Falk also appeared in the family classic The Princess Bride with WWE Hall of Famer Andre the Giant.


Mike Williams -  “My favorite wrestling movie is All The Marbles( a/k/a California Dolls) starring Peter Falk – he manages a women’s tag team – I think they are called the American Dolls- a very well put together overview of women’s pro wrestling from the late 70s to the early 80s. I also own Paradise Alley on beta- it is semi-well put together.”




Friday June 24, 2011

I am behind in my week- I have yet to finish re-watching and grabbing segments from Monday Night’s Power to the People 3 hour omnibus Raw- no less watched Impact Wrestling completely. What little I saw of Impact has me hyped to watch their July PPV- the first time I can say that in months- Jerry Lynn vs RVD – and X-emphasis. On the upside today I found a copy of Superman 155 from 1962 for 7 dollars at Zeno’s in Norfolk , Va. – bonus I got a Jimmy Olsen comic from the sixties where he grapples “ugly” Superman for only fifty cents. I also picked up the Christy Hemme Playboy- you know - for research purposes.

   After going to Zeno’s we ate at a time machine- well not literally- but it was a kickass family owned dinner-I felt like I was kid in the 70s or 80s as Rush played on the radio and I drank my fountain drink- Ron’s Hot Dogs on the corner of Providence and Sparrow- if you like fresh hamburgers and crinkle-cut French fries- check out this affordable place for a great lunch.

    After lunch I finished Impact- I like the new direction of the company- but I am afraid that will change if the ratings don’t go up – or the wind changes- TNA has been so consistent with one thing- change- and not the good change- but change because of the day of the week or the weather or – I simply don’t know. TNA needs some consistency- something to hook viewers week after week. I am glad that ODB and Miss Jackie are back- but they have done nothing to assure they will be in TNA for the long haul. The Bound for Glory point system is great- but if they abandon it midstream like they did the top 10 from last year- then it will make it harder to buy into their storylines.



Saturday June 25, 2011

The Revolution will be televised. Wrestling revolution- a kickstarter project spearheaded by Hollywood producer and former WCW employee Jeff Katz is now fully funded and set to start filming later this year. They promise to present wrestling with a story arc, seasons and a three act structure- it will be interesting to watch this project develop and see the final product.

   This morning ESPN classic is a running a Barry Levinson movie about the day Robert Irsay took my Colts away. Yeah I was born in Washington DC- but the Baltimore Colts were my team- Bert Jones was my favorite player- still something that angers me to this day. Now the league and players can’t find enough common ground to play a season- and may strike 2011 from the gridiron history book. Vince McMahon and company are always proud that they have no offseason and no strikes- well except Mick Foley leading a walkout of one after the Owen incident and Warrior and Jeff Jarrett holding up WWE for bigger payoffs on the day of a PPV- but beyond that the wrestlers stay in line. They know their career can be smushed or pushed depending on what they are willing to do and who they are willing to screw- it is maddening and archaic – but the nature of this frustrating industry.

   My home-team is evaporating from WWE- to explain I was a WCW guy and cheered and clapped in the few instances that the WCW guys got over in WWE- when Goldberg and Benoit and Eddie won the belt or Booker or Jericho- odd I know- but I was a Nitro fan first. Today Chavo Guerrero was future endeavored by WWE. He had a long run ( 10 years) and I hope he saved his pesos - seriously he is talented and I know he can find work elsewhere- the change may be very good for him-I hope so. I loved him in his feud and tag-team with Eddie and when he had Pepe - was he always perfect- no- but he is a good in-ring performer(regardless of the Sin Cara match) and when given the chance a good entertainer. Chavo asked for his release- I hope he saved his money and I only wish the best for him. is promoting that Thursday's show will be run with limited commercial interruption- cool- did I miss them announcing this during Impact? or is this new-of course any wrestling show is 90% hype for the next PPV - so they won't be interrupted by commercials when they spend the whole show hyping up Destination X and the Shop Zone


Sunday June 26, 2011


UWF First Blood PPV


$14.99 was wasted tonight on a second rate presentation with bad audio, subpar camera work , a dead crowd and  subpar grappling augmented by annoying commentary.

   The feed started off with a commercial for porn – then we had Gina Torres throw out some catchphrases and sound-bites to try and set the stage where the ring is the new block.

     The Urban Wrestling Federation kicks off with Lowlife Louie Ramos getting a chair-shot from behind by Murder One. Murder One won the match within 2 minutes and proceeded to carve the forehead of Ramos and proclaimed he had gotten first blood.

   This was followed by several profanity-laced promos and a 3 tag-team battle won by the Ghetto Mafia.

   More backstage tomfoolery is shown including a shakedown, something that appears to be a drugdeal and hip hop legend Melle Mel.

   A decent match follows between one wrestler that apparently owes a guy money and a guy with blonde dreads- the guy who is short money wins the match but is beatdown by his own crew because he owes the head-honcho some cheese/loot/paper.

    The main event has Homicide beating Eddie Kingston with the cop killer in the middle of the ring.

    After the main event we have some street footage of a robbery and assault and then some folks drive away while somebody fires a gun at them.

    Not something for the time capsule and not entertaining. They kept it real- real annoying and real stereotypical. When done right nothing can top urban cinema with a realistic feel, some of my favorite movies are classics like MenaceIISociety and my favorite television series of all time is The Wire this feels about as real as Cryme Tyme- the only difference is the cursing and slightly more authentic chatter, Avoid.          D-


“I liked it and I liked the concept. I like what they’re trying to do. Rap music wasn’t made for white folk. But 35 years later everybody walking and talking that hip-hop. The UWF isn’t for everybody either. Everything has its genre, WWE is for the kids and UWF is for the hood.” – Smoked Out



“Keep it gutter. When WWE went gutter, when they went with the attitude era that’s when stuff started popping off.”-Omega Jackson



Monday June 27,2011

Truth time- no not R-truth- although I love his Little Jimmy promos since he flipped out on the WWE universe- but honestly- it is hard to sit and watch an entire episode of Raw- specially when I have a remote in my hand. Tonight TV One had biography specials on Alexander O’Neal and Cherrelle at 9 pm EST followed by a documentary on Big Daddy Kane at 10 pm EST- suddenly Raw Roulette seemed secondary as we (my wife and my best friend) grooved to “Saturday Love” and “Smooth Operator” and briefly tuned in to see Booker T spinning a roulette wheel and commiserating with DDP and HBK. I caught part of the Sin Cara match that was postponed due to hanging chads from the Power to the People voting fiasco- I saw a decent tornado match between the mid-card.

   Things were turned topsy-turvy when CM Punk sat Indian-style(native American/ err leg’s crossed) on the main entrance way and cut an effective worked –shoot promo- yeah I am that skeptical-


Ladies and Gentleman, the greatest Rasslin promo from the greatest rassler ever, in the world, to date!”- Hickry Hawkins reaction to the CM Punk promo from Monday June 27, 2011


“Well it got people talking which is good and it should cause the PPV buy-rate to rise. Kinda felt uncomfortable though when he pretty much wished death on to Vince.”

-          Darren Elvis Holland’s reaction to the promo



“don't know if they knew what CM Punk was going to do, or if it was a controlled shoot- meaning that they previewed what he was going to say, then made it look like they had no idea what was going on. I think they wanted him to make it look real to generate interest, but they probably knew what was going to happen.” – December’s reaction to the CM Punk promo




“It is sad that they have so devalued the sports aspect of pro wrestling that the only way you can get a rise out of the business is by making the audience  think it is a shoot.”- Sheldon Goldberg


I believe this is a work to try to add drama and buyrates for the July PPV. I am intrigued whenever something occurs that breaks us out of the routine. I loved the dawn of the Nexus when they destroyed the set and Regal ended a show mid-match- these things usually occur sometime after Wrestlemania and is the WWE’s way of working the net. It was another good promo by one of the best promo cutters in the business- but I believe it to be storyline. He mentioned backstage names like John Laurenitis , he was cut off when he started mocking the anti-bullying program. “It’s like if Vivid video coming out with an abstinence program.” –Blade Braxton  talking about the WWE anti-bullying programDuring the shoot he sent a shoutout to ROH and Colt Cabana-the irony being that Cabana’s run was a farce which led to the Scotty Goldman character and future endeavors- while Punk regardless of his grievances has been pushed to the moon several times by the company.


“I think it is the best thing I have seen on television in years. It’s the greatest angle I have seen in years. They’ve given the Punk the ball and he has just run with it and he is doing fantastic. ” – Bryan Castle discussing the CM Punk angle




 I did receive good news when I spoke to “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce this afternoon and he let me know that he has been cleared to wrestle again after thinking he might have to retire from active participation.

 The second episode of Mongo Wrestling Alliance on Adult Swim took the over the top grapplers to the courtroom – it was the usual mix of the absurd and inane-is MWA emmy winning television – nah- but it is a decent 11 minute diversion.

  On Around the Horn on ESPN Bomani Jones sported a wrestling belt for a segment- until he was chastised by the host and removed the strap.








Tuesday June 28, 2011

Well WWE picked one of the worst times possible to do a recorded Raw- since they are down under and don’t want to have a broadcast from Australia next week- so spoilers are already posted online- so basically WWE has created work for their web-team- first they announced that Vince McMahon had suspended CM Punk for his unprofessional conduct and then they removed him from their websites and deleted his facebook account. Still the promo generated buzz from the internet wrestling community- but all the little Jimmies will have their hopes dashed of an actual insurrection being shown on television by the spoiler genie.

  I think wrestling fans hunger for anything that feels real- we follow a make-believe sport weekly- digging up real names, arrest photos and scan the you-tube for more- and then some- but this is scripted entertainment- for the most part- and if CM Punk were truly going offbase- Vince would have dumped the feed sooner. I enjoyed CM Punk’s promo( but after years of watching – I know this well end up with a “wrestling” match not a shoot fight or a lawsuit).

  Truthfully my attention was taken today by the new map packs for Call of Duty: Black Ops- they are all large maps and will be fun until they become sniper campgrounds. But even on X-box live I could not escape the CM Punk promo as 3 people mentioned it to me and 2 others messaged me about the promo- kudos to Punk for a solid promo.



Wednesday June 29, 2011

The ROH deal with Sinclair Broadcasting is starting to bear fruit- starting on September 24 of 2011- ROH will be on the equivalent of UHF or non national network stations for several areas around the country- and Norfolk, VA is one of them. Expanding to television- even if it is the modern equivalent of UHF is better than being on HDNet. I prefer the pace and in-ring talent in ROH to WWE and TNA- and I am happy to see that product get a national forum – of course I am happy since I am in a market that gets the program- sadly it is not in many major markets.


Thursday June 30, 2011

This week’s IMPACT wrestling is being shown with limited commercial interruption due to some product or something. Sure things start off bad with the Hulkster in the ring- but perk up when Sting who has taken to imitating Heath Ledger’s Joker joins the festivities and force feeds Hogan vitamins.

TNA takes a novel approach to shows that fans pay to attend- house shows- they make it seem like the results matter and that the house shows aren’t simply dress rehearsals for TV and PPV. During the show they showed footage for their recent house shows and then added the match results into the Bound For Glory series - so in other words whoever wins the most leading up to October will be competing for the title at their biggest show of the year- novel concept- I just hope it does not evaporate over the summer the way the TNA rankings did last year.

 The first match of the night was an excellent three way match featuring the returning Matt Bentley , Jimmy Wang (dressed as a member of the Flying Elvis’) and Low-ki ( NXT season 2 winner Kaval). It was an excellent match as all 3 had standout moments and Low-ki won the contest with the warrior’s way off the top rope.

  The night also featured a solid knockouts 6 woman elimination tag bout and a promo setting up a 4 way match between RVD, Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels for next week. I am glad to see TNA revert back to their roots more and feature more grappling on the show.

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