Wednesday, July 02, 2014

$ / Pretty Maids All In A Row


Warren Beatty plays a bank security expert who is in cahoots with a call-girl played by Goldie Hawn.
They are in Hamburg, Germany and while this movie has many good elements including a fun song by Little Richard and some good lines overall the movie felt overlong including a ridiculously long chase sequence to wrap things up.  B-

Pretty Maids All in a Row
This movie also released in 1971 and is a satirical look at  the school system, free love and sports. Rock Hudson is overgrown lothario that provides guidance and physical interaction with the attractive female students. He even guides Angie Dickinson to have her own fling with a male student. This movie seems like the precursor to Heathers in many ways. It was written by the creator of Star Trek , Gene Rodenberry. An interesting movie but maybe not for everyone.  B-

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