Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tough Guys Don't Dance

Norman Mailer's neo noir - I thought this was truly horrible - until I realized this was a comedy.
The acting was horrible and the dialogue deplorable. But the entire movie is redeemed by a hilarious finale. Lawrence Tierney is a saving grace in a cast that is chewing up scenery like Jabba the Hut at a salad bar featuring Princess Leia , bacon and caviar while on cocaine. Terrible 80s music underscore one party scene that is invaded by a cop who decides to join the party. A whodunit devolves into a who gives a flying frack.   F

Sunday, March 06, 2016

The Visitors (1972)

A horrendous and slow paced movie about a veteran (played by James Woods) who is visited by fellow Nam vets in his home with his significant other and her father. Besides cruelty to animals and trigger warnings and slow pacing- wait there is no reason to visit the penultimate film in the legendary career of director Elia Kazan. D-

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Vinyl and the Decline of Western Civilization Boxset

Vinyl (HBO 2016) - wow this is amazing - the biggest living rock star and arguably the best living director collaborate - and they deliver cut-out bin fodder that makes the Apple seem like a credible view of the music world. Bloated and bombastic this journey into the music business in the 70s is crafted for folks that want all the sex and violence of the Sopranos and the window dressing of rock without any semblance of reality or restraint. As a fan of MST3K and Rifftrax I admit I will keep watching - but to laugh at not sympathize with any of the characters or with high hopes.  D-

The Decline of Western Civilization DVD Boxset
3 movies - 3 different scenes - well worth the investment. Disc 1 captures the LA hardcore scene with performances and interviews with X, Black Flag, Fear and others - as much about the individuals that make up the scene as the music - it is a fascinating look at hardcore punk music at a critical juncture. Disc 2 - the heavy metal years - hairspray and chutzpah are the secrets to success for some of the bands - but also provide delusions of grandeur for glam rockers that are in it for the "chicks" and plan to "make it" . The infamous pool scene with the drunken member of W*A*S*P is one of many omg is this really how they think moments captured in this movie. The third movie captures the gutterpunk scene of the late 90s in LA - while the music and fashion apes the original movie - the somber realities of rebellion on the edges catches up with a few of these young folks that have already ceded their lives to the bottle and their daily economy to the kindness of strangers