Saturday, April 01, 2017

WWE NXT Takeover

I have to admit the last NXT function I remember vividly was the Dallas event from Mania last year- many of those folks have joined team red or blue

NXT functions like a AAA team for the main WWE rosters. It takes in grapplers from around the world and the local indie scene.

The opening match sees Sanity (including former TNA champ Eric Young) defeat a 4 person team that includes Kassius Ono( formerly Chris Hero) and Roderick Strong ( from ROH and other places).

Edge and Beth Phoenix are shown in the audience.

Almas(Mexico-third generation luchador) vs Black (Holland). After a solid debut Aleister Black defeated the arrogant Mexican. But the slip of tongue by announcer Nigel McGinness after the match grabs the attention of the internet wrestling fans- he stated "He (Black) will be a man to reckon with in the future here in Ring of Honor".

Tag Team Title Match
The Revival vs DIY vs Authors of Pain( with Paul Ellering) . Authors of Pain retain.

Women's Title

Ember Moon vs Asuka - Asuka retains after a ref bump- she has been champ for a year.

Former WWE grappler Drew Mcintyre is shown in the audience.

Main Event- Sensuke Nakumaru vs Bobby Rood

Bobby Rood retains.

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